Big butt you got there… DAVE!

    Celebrities usually do the best pranks on other celebrities.
    The latest one was masterminded by famous presenter James Corden of The Late Late Show” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]The target? His good friend and world-renowned retired football player David Beckham.

    The 2019 Los Angeles Galaxy football season kicked off by unveiling a statue of Beckham, who spent five seasons at the club, including two loan spells at Milan.

    The statue was unveiled in LA Galaxy’s stadium in front of 25,000 people and was meant to honour the greatest player to ever play for them.

    A few days before the unveiling, Corden heard that Beckham haven’t seen the final product, so decided to pull a prank on him by switching the real statue with another one “less flattering”.

    Two months of work resulted in building a statue that was realistic and absolutely terrible. Two important elements were to be included: a big chin and a big butt. Two things that Beckham didn’t like on the mock statue that he had seen before.

    A private soft unveiling at the stadium’s loading dock was organized for David Beckham. All the persons involved were actors, with hidden cameras scattered around the area. Even the filming crew with Beckham were actors, and not LA Galaxy Online personnel as the Englishman thought.

    The actors were instructed to irritate Beckham. One of them was Tom, who insulted him by mixing Manchester United with Manchester City. Tom was not finished. Corden instructed him to call Beckham as Dave: something that he really hates.

    Working with Corden’s team was Chris Klein, LA Galaxy’s President, a former teammate of Beckham and someone that he really trusts. Before unveiling the statue, Klein introduced a highlight reel of Beckham’s career. Unfortunately for him, it had bad moments too, turning Beckham’s smile into a disapproval look.

    Next in line was Maz Jobrani, the fake sculptor. Three months before, Beckham had met with the real sculptor Omri Amrany, so Corden hoped that he will not realise that Jobrani and Amrany were not the same person.

    After some words of praise directed towards Beckham, the fake sculptor did the honours and unveiled the statue, removing the blue cloth that was placed on it, with the help of LA Galaxy president.

    Beckham’s smile lasted a few seconds, and turned into a straight face.

    The fake sculptor made it a point to show Beckham the angles that portrayed those aspects that he really hated. The Englishman noted to him that it was different than the one he had seen in Chicago, with Jobrani saying that the statue captured Beckham while in motion.

    “Look at my chin!” “Look at my eyes!” “Look at my bumm!” The only part he liked was the hair.

    Beckham turned onto Klein and asked him of what he thinks. David was surprised when he heard the words: “I think it looks amazing.”

    He reminded the fake sculptor that his parents and his wife were coming over to see this, and it’s here where he realised another thing. “Look at how long my arms are!” He added that he looked like Stretch Armstrong.

    “Look at my chin!” “Look at my eyes!” “Look at my bumm!” The only part he liked was the hair.

    It was here that Beckham asked for the cameras to stop recording. But there were others still rolling.

    Beckham continued with his rant, thanking the fact that his kids were not coming over to see the horrible statue, as they would cry.

    At the moment that they thought Beckham was leaving, a forklift was called in. The guy toppled the statue over, breaking it into pieces. Beckham went over, telling the driver that he has probably done him a favour.

    But now Corden came over, to Beckham’s relief.

    “Thank God for that!” he said while hugging the presenter.