ALERT – New Juve coach found after a fishing trip. Claims to be named Guardiola

    ALERT - New Juve coach found after a fishing trip. Claims to be named Guardiola

    These Italians are such fun spoilers at times. We’re still in May and they already agreed on who Juventus’s coach will be. The Spaniard Pep Guardiola they claimed.

    Italians are good at filling people up with drama, expectations and so forth. That’s their usual self. This time it’s different. An Italian journalist Federico Gennarelli of Radio Sportiva was the fun spoiler of this news. As he put it, it looks as if something that the rest of the world doesn’t.

    If this is true, Pep Guardiola will immediately leave Manchester City and take up the vacant managerial role at Juventus. This claim is shocking because if we rewind the clock with just one week, Guardiola was quoted saying during a press conference that he is not going to Italy and he is at Manchester City to stay till the end of the contract.

    What was he thinking when he said it is a mystery. Guardiola secured the domestic treble and helped City become the first team in English football history to win the league title and both cup competition in the same season.

    How did it all happen

    Loonynews insiders were informed that the man of the moment Guardiola went on a fishing trip with Juventus management supposedly to a place with no cameras, no people, no eyes, no ears.

    Fishing is one of Guardiola’s hobbies as it calms him down. It helps him focus and it helps him win. During the conversation, he expressed his worry about Chelsea coach Maurizio Sarri as he knew that the latter was keen to join Juventus and make them win the Champions League.

    “I don’t want to hurt Sarri’s feelings by joining,” Guardiola told Juve President Andrea Agnelli. “He might be a nut head, but he’s a good guy. I heard he’s passing through a rough patch at Chelsea as players are threatening to leave if he stays on board” he continued.


    From his end, Agnelli reassured him that all will be positive and they must work to obtain what’s best on the club. “I never thought you were so generous Pep. Thing is that we don’t want our players to leave by getting him on board. If we do, we will become Italy’s number one joke for the next season.

    Do you think our first diva Cristiano Ronaldo will accept being coached by Sarri?! I agree with you, he’s a nice guy, but not the right guy for us” replied Agnelli.

    What these two don’t know is that since the news about Guardiola splashed everywhere, Sarri went into hysterics. People close to him expressed their concern because he’s eating his cigars with anger when he usually smokes them.

    Guardiola and Juventus have the same aim, to win the Champions League. Whether this is a late April fool is yet to be confirmed by both Guardiola himself and Juventus.

    All Juve fans have till the 14th June to know whether this news is true or not. If it is, it would be a good occasion to throw a party.