ALERT: Juve calls Arc Scicluna after admitting they are in need of faith and hope ????

    Juve calls Arc Scicluna after admitting they are in need of faith and hope

    Juventus soon to be ex-coach will play his last match on the 26th May at Sampdoria. After several meetings between the two parties, it was decided that the way forward was for the two to depart.

    As much as the news dropped like a bombshell, it isn’t much of a surprise either. Just a few weeks ago Loonynews wrote that Allegri was in a process to change his name to ‘Cornuto’ because of some delicate losses by Juve.


    Not making it up to the semi-finals of the Champions League did not help in keeping his job. Allegri took after Antonio Conte in 2014 and since then he helped the club with 5 Serie A titles, four Coppa Italia wins and two Champions League runner-up finishes. Juventus fans are divided about this decision.

    Our Coppa Italia wins and two Champions League runner-up finishes.

    The real reason behind Allegri’s departure is not yet known and speculations about the matter vary. The point remains that the most prominent club in Italy is in complete limbo. It seems that Juve President Angelo Agnelli did admit that this was one of the most difficult decisions ever.

    Seeing the situation as it is, Agnelli saw that the situation is critical, and players are de-motivated. A quick decision had to be taken to keep players the like of Cristiano Ronaldo motivated.

    This made the club to start searching for the right coach for the next seasons, but also for a spiritual director for the club. After thorough research eyes fell on our own Archbishop Charles Jude Scicluna.

    Juventus is not in a position to have players in distress and Arc Scicluna’s help was the club’s last resort. He departed for his mission immediately not to leave the club waiting. Scicluna found the players in pure despair in the changing room not knowing what to do with their future and lives.

    After giving them some Kinnie and Twistees, some Maltese delicatessen to cheer them up, Scicluna tried to illuminate them about the problems of life. He explained that Malta’s Valletta’s FC lost the FA Trophy to Balzan with penalties.

    He spoke to each player individually, giving them the necessary support. He looked in their eyes with compassion and understanding, whilst showering them with affection.

    To keep all with the hope that Juventus can win next season’s Serie A again and make win the Champions League, Scicluna organised a spiritual retreat so they could bond all together to keep their hope alive.

    Scicluna gave a word of advice to Juve President Agnelli. In a nutshell, he advised him not to screw all his work up and to choose the right coach for the next season, if not, he would need to pay another visit to the club very soon.

    Beloved Arc Scicluna was thanked by the players and some asked to meet him again in full confidentiality because they needed to confess the unconfessable, whatever that may be. Poor Scicluna, one just wonders what he had to hear!