Chris Bonett wins first LoonyNews poll for the run of new MFA President

    Chris Bonett wins first LoonyNews poll for the run of new MFA President

    Former Malta Football Association vice-president Chris Bonett won the LoonyNews poll by 56% for the run of next month’s MFA presidency.

    The poll was a minor experiment to test the waters for both contestants. Chris Bonett is battling for the post with FIFA director Bjorn Vassallo. Elections will be held during July’s Annual General Meeting.

    After a nine-year term, Norman Darmanin Demajo is stepping down the post and so it must be filled by someone else, hoping that whoever it is, betters the local football scene.

    Now that election dates are getting closer, both contestants published their agenda and plans for when they are elected in their new role as President.


    Bonett’s slogan is “Fuq Nett”(On Top). Just like Vassallo, in the past days he published his promises if he were to be elected as president in July.

    Here is the link of the document if you want to download it to see it clearly:

    In this document he opens up in more detail on the three key points he’s been focusing about in his campaign.

     In his video, Bonett says, ‘it is time that we open a new chapter in Maltese football. It is a time when the Malta FA transforms itself into a transparent and modern governing body that follows financial principles.’

    ‘It is time for our children to be given the opportunity to aspire to practice football on a professional basis, and are able to fulfil their dreams of playing football professionally, as a career.

    ‘It is time that our national team starts providing entertainment to the Malta fans. On the other hand, it is time for our clubs to be given the required tools to have a professional administration, give us exciting league chances and to be able to start winning in UEFA club competitions.

    True to his word, Bonett unveiled his plans in the document were he opened more on how:

    • More power will be given to the clubs
    • Commercialisation of MFA
    • Football at the centre of Malta FA

    Bonett was already in the MFA administration during Darmanin Demajo’s term as president where he filled the position of vice-president. He was also in charge of the MFA Legal office.


    When launching his candidature FIFA director Bjorn Vassallo said: ‘This is an important decision for me and I believe that my candidature is a strong one on the basis of experience and competency having gone through all the levels in football administration.’

    ‘I have a detailed strategic plan that aims to take our beloved game to a whole new level both at the club and international stage. I will be launching my official campaign in the coming days and look forward to a month of healthy campaigning for the good of Maltese football.’

    Vassallo’s slogan is for this campaign is ‘Forward Together’. In his vision Vassallo elaborates on ‘the football ecosystem’. This would include:

    • Successful competitions
    • Fair play and financial stability
    • Solidarity funds distribution
    • Support development and participation programmes
    • Education, expertise and best practices

    This is Vassallo’s detailed plan for the Malta FA and football in Malta in more detail. Click here

    Five years ago, in 2016, Vassallo left the MFA because he landed a job as FIFA Director for European football associations. His job entailed catering to the needs of UEFA’s 55 member associations and working with them on the governance and development of football in Europe.

    This article is outlining the highlights of both contestants’ proposals and focus. Our next article will get into more detail on the matter.

    Which is your favourite contestant?