Conor McGregor promises to visit Malta following his retirement announcement

    The ‘Notorious’ announced his retirement from MMA via Twitter and vowed to keep his promise in visiting the Maltese Islands

    Remember when Conor McGregor promised to visit our tiny islands? Well, it was just last month during Carnival and should you need a refresher on the case you can do so by having a look at Loony’s article click here:

    The Carnival float in Valletta dedicated in his honour prompted a very positive reaction by the controversial fighting star. Following his complete amusement on the matter, McGregor himself had made plans right there on the spot, to visit the Maltese Carnival that same week.

    However, for a number of reasons it was not possible for the ‘Notorious’ to make the trip in time for Carnival. Hence the trip plans were abruptly halted for the dismay of many Maltese fans.

    But Conor McGregor is not one to go back on his promises and he has now reiterated his wish to visit our shores, possibly very soon.

    This comes as the Irish fighter stunned UFC fans all over the world by broadcasting his sudden retirement from the sport. The surprising announcement was made last Monday via a post on Twitter. Amazingly enough, it seems that a substantial number of fans of the sport are reportedly very skeptical about this news. Many have dubbed this as another publicity manoeuvre by the Irishmen’s crew in order to bolster their other businesses. Numerous people have openly criticized McGregor for caring more about his business and his money rather than the sport.

    Fans and critics alike suspect that the ‘Notorious’ will eventually make a comeback to the sport at least for one massive showdown which should pile up more cash into his already deep pockets. When it comes to Conor, you cannot put anything past him!

    The Irishmen already had to endure heavy criticism and internet trolling since his defeat against Khabib. And the fact that he is apparently retiring without a re-match raises up some eyebrows and brings on an even harsher offensive against him.

    His fight against Mayweather did nothing to help alleviate these critics and many other MMA fans have also been long awaiting another clash against Nate Diaz.

    Some fans also hypothesized that the UFC Champion will eventually make his way to the wrestling ring for Wrestlemania.

    Following the retirement news, our sources got in touch with one of Conor’s team trying to catch any possible whiff on whether the news is in fact real or just a publicity stunt.

    We kept being told the same answer over and over again. Our contact did not budge an inch repeating always the same answer, “Yes it’s true. Conor has now retired from MMA fighting.”

    Luckily enough though Loony’s contact then actually gave us something! Possibly irritated with our continued questioning our contact gave away a scoop which will surely make many Maltese fans happy.

    It seems that following the news of his retirement, Conor’s first holiday destination is in fact going to be the Maltese Islands!

    We have been told that McGregor himself decided to opt for our lovely country as he is coming from a very long intense and hectic period in his life and is looking for a quiet getaway. It is not yet known whether the star is planning on visiting our islands with other members of his family or with friends.

    Details at the moment are scarce as we have been told that McGregor first needs to finalize some business that he is currently attending to and the trip to Malta could possibly be kept as far away from the limelight as possible in order to give the champ a break to re-charge his batteries.

    And what better destination than our islands to do so? Plenty of beaches for the fighter to chill upon and soak some sun.

    Given this info Loony would like to urge the Maltese public to keep an eye open for the star. Should you come across ‘The Notorious’, please do not hesitate to contact us