Dear Pochettino, not all that glitters is gold! #Pochettinochallenge begins!

    Dear Pochettino, not all that glitters is gold! #Pochettinochallenge begins!

    The summer might be chill for the lot of us, but not for football clubs. Each club from different leagues, be it Premier, Serie A in Italy or La Liga, all are trying to secure what for them is the best deal.  This also applies to Tottenham. #Pochettinochallenge

    Less than two weeks ago, Tottenham were playing their first Champions League final against Liverpool thanks to their young manager Mauricio Pochettino. All were delighted with this unexpected yet wanted achievement. They didn’t manage to win, but it was a good first. For them to be in the final, they left out some of the big names such as Lionel Messi’s Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus and so forth.

    Now that the honeymoon period is over, the real work for Tottenham’s Pochettino starts. By the looks of it Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose want to leave the club by summer, aiming for bigger names. To top on this Dele Alli’s form is stagnant and this is not helping the squad to move forward. This leaves no options for Tottenham but to invest in some players.

    Now starts the #Pochettinochallenge.

    What will the #pochettinochallenge consist of? Pochettino gave a lesson to coaches with bigger clubs and this must be recognised. He managed to get his team to the Champions League without any major big names.

    Yet this is the tougher part for him to continue building on what he has (left), since Eriksen and Rose are off the squad. With these two ‘star’ names leaving, Spurs must invest in capable midfielders to replace them. However, whoever joins must have the same creative touch these two players had. Pochettino needs to have a clear target list to get the right people on board.

    Another part of the #Pochettinochallenge is Alli’s form. Last year he described the youngster as ‘the best young player in the world’. Flattering words, but in the light that he has not scored since 20 January is no good. His form went from worse to worse.

    Alli contributed to zero goals and three assists from April. One has to see what magic potion Pochettino will use to get him in form and revive the 23-year-old.

    Competing in the Premier league is no fairytale. A good squad is needed, and not just the first 11. This means that Tottenham need to invest heavily in their squad depth. There needs to be players at the level of Harry Kane when he’s injured, but this applies to any position.

    The issue remains that Kane needs support. Last season he missed 17 games and no one was capable of fulfilling his replacement. Strikers are what they are, and they are needed in every squad.

    There’s much for thought for the Argentine this summer. He needs to make the best decisions possible for the club. They won and they won big. This however brought with it expectations.

    How will he play his cards? Let the fun begin!

    Who can help Pochettino make the right decisions to fulfil his #Pochettinochallenge?!