England loss over USA proves early Brexit. On the other hand, USA winners hate Trump but they are Trump

    England loss over USA proves early Brexit. On the other hand USA winners hate Trump but they are Trump

    The first women World Cup semi-final between England and the United States was won by the USA with the final score being 1-2.

    England wanted to win this game wholeheartedly especially after USA President Donald Trump visited their country just recently. They wanted to prove that England is England and they’re far better off than Mr.Arrogance in persona.

    The England girls battled until the end. It was a heart-felt semi-final, but USA had its best. Hope arose when Ellen White scored the only goal for the team. Hope doubled when England was given the penalty in the second half, near the end of the game.

    England’s captain and rock Steph Houghton went for it but missed. It was a weak shot and US goalkeeper Alyssa Naeher had it easy.

    The Lionesses fought endlessly but in the second half, they couldn’t get hold over that ball. After the game players looked distressed and needed and manager Phil Neville did his best to offer messages of consolation.

    This semi-final was a personification of England’s current political situation –fighting hard to stay but the only way is out. The women football team were what was left for hope for England. They played triple better than the men and they showed they had clear direction from their captain, something which is currently missing in the British political scene.

    This shows that leaving Theresa May as England’s PM would not have been such a bad idea.

    On the other side, there’s the winner of the US. Nothing to say about it. It was a great win.

    Just this week LoonyNews wrote of how USA’s main star shrugged off the idea of going to the Whitehouse after a potential win of the Women’s World Cup. https://bit.ly/2XmUf14

    Hats off to sticking to her beliefs and for stepping up to someone like Trump who feels that the world should bow to him.

    Pity though that the USA women team acted with the same arrogance as their President. No one can question their strength and talent, but their arrogance and lack of humility yes. This was like when Trump broke all protocol with her Majesty. He felt he can do it because he’s America’s president.

    Alex Morgan’s celebration after her goal was not appreciated by many. Trolling England with a tea-drinking celebration after scoring USA’s second goal was in bad taste and it could have been avoided.

    Such behavior proves how the US thinks it’s better off than the lot of us. It’s useless mocking your president when you do exactly like him. If you want to prove you’re better, sip a dose of humility. They have nothing to be proud of, especially when their great leader whom they dislike so much is also in them and vice-versa.

    They are mini Trumps because of their superiority complex. They might be excellent at women’s football, in creating successful fast food chains and maxi meals but as for other matters, it stops there.

    A message to the first finalists. Be humble and all will like you more.