Everton’s Goodison Cat

    Black Cat Invasion

    The black cat invaded the pitch during Everton’s game against Wolves last Saturday and became an internet sensation ????

    Everton’s Andre Gomes was handed his debut in last Saturday’s match against Wolves scoring a terrific goal but the show’s main attraction was a black feline who strolled onto the pitch halting play for over two minutes.

    Wolves manager, Nuno Esperito Santo, admitted after the game: “In Portugal seeing a black cat is a bad sign, it’s bad luck. But they tell me if it crosses from left to right it’s good luck. But I don’t like black cats.”

    However, it was all good for his Wolves team as they won the game 3-1 away from home. Not the same can be said for the Everton fans with some clearly linking the Toffee’s loss to the black cat’s pitch invasion considering it as bad luck.

    Social media however loved the cat and the reaction to Goodison’s feline appearance was hilarious.

    Fans of fantasy football will enjoy this tweet from the Fantasy Premier League, “Purrsition: Furward”: ???? ????

    And if you haven’t already heard John Acre’s commentary of the cat’s movement live on BBC’s Final Score, it is a must-listen: