FIFA: Clubs to wear women clothing for Women’s Day

    [vc_row][vc_column width=”1/6″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Juventus, Manchester United and a
    Maltese club are among those supporting
    an initiative by FIFA for Women’s Day.” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]This year’s FIFA’s initiative to recognise women’s role in society for the upcoming Women’s Day for the 8th March will be, that of encouraging football clubs globally to dress up as women, even if for just fifteen minutes.

    In a statement, FIFA President Gianni Infantino announced that “women have an important role in society and it is high time that we as FIFA recognise this. As men, we take certain things for granted, without really realising what women go through on a daily basis. We ignore their sufferings and we should take a closer look of what these look like and how they feel.”

    In further comments, Infantino explained that FIFA took this drastic measure for Women’s Day because it is high time that men experience what women go through in their daily lives. “We as men should know how much it hurts to walk in heels, how uncomfortable it is to wear skirts, and above all wearing those tights! Why shouldn’t we know how long it takes to put that make-up on every morning just to go to work or for errands?” he reiterated. Infantino said that he was happy to have received positive feedback about this controversial and unusual initiative from clubs such as Manchester United and Juventus. He was also happy that a club from tiny Malta was ready to take on board this FIFA’s request.

    “This is not a fashion parade, and neither a continuation of Carnival as some might think. This is just getting to the bottom of it and fully embrace women’s lives 360 degrees,” explained Infantino.

    “This is not a fashion parade, and neither a continuation of Carnival as some might think.
    explained Infantino.

    Certain icon footballers came forward and said that they will fully support this initiative, even if they are aware that it will be uncomfortable and this will affect their performance. Cristiano Ronaldo was among those which posted in his instagram feed complementing FIFA and showcasing his club’s outfit. When it comes to Ronaldo, the only thing to say is that ‘onec a diva, always a diva!’

    Loony tried reaching the Malta Football Association (MFA) for a comment to see who the Maltese club embracing this initiative is, but until the time of publication, there was no reply. However, from research made by Loony, we sneaked this picture from one of Malta’s footballers


    Drew Creative Studios

    Will it be them?! Whoever it is, good luck!

    FIFA’s statement said that this measure is being taken into account to promote the first time ever FIFA’s women’s world cup 2019 which will kick off on Friday 7 th June in France.

    Women taking part in the world cup said that whilst they appreciate this stand by FIFA, they will play their games like their male pals and will show that football is not necessarily drama or a fashion parade. “We will be there to play football and not to show our latest hair cuts or fashion trends” one of them said.

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