Freezing cold temperatures and heavy snow for a night out for Kim

    Kim Kardashian was mocked as she dismissed freezing cold temperatures and heavy snow for a night out in a very revealing dress. She stepped out in a tiny white sleeveless mini dress and heels to attend the opening of a Thierry Mugler exhibition at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts.

    She was papped teetering through the ice and snow to get into a waiting car as temperatures dropped to -18C.

    Fans were impressed by her apparent ability to repel the cold, while others urged her to wrap up.

    One Twitter user posted: “Gotta give props where they’re due; @kimkardashian in 6” heels and bare chested and bare legged when it’s -20C and the streets of Montreal are a literal ice rink. Bless.”

    Another tweeted: “Kim girllllll!!! You need a coat!!! Its canada!! Did you check the weather? @KimKardashian.”

    A third wrote: “People like Kim K wearing a dress and heels in -18 weather. While I’m here in Canada like freezing my a** off wearing three sweaters and boots (sic).”

    While here on the rock, few days ago  Malta had woken up to light snow and hail for the first time in years as health chiefs warned of a new flu outbreak.

    Kim you have been warned!!