Gattuso on the run after not making it to Champions League – Joseph Muscat called in for the rescue

    Gattuso on the run after not making it to Champions League – Joseph Muscat in called for rescue

    AC Milan manager Gennaro Gattuso is on the run after not managing to secure an entry in the Champions League. In the meantime, Malta PM Joseph Muscat has been contacted by AC Milan to set the agenda for next year.

    The AC trio formed by Leonardo, Paoli Maldini and Gattuso went into hiding after failing to secure Milan’s dream to be in the Champions League. Gattuso was one angry cat after the match because the team worked hard for the win.

    Gattuso was seen by the players turn into this huge oversized cat with angry popping eyes trying to see where to vent all the frustration and anger. The ex Milan player has a passion for the club, but he also knows that his job is on the line, not just his.

    The romantic relationship between AC Milan, Gattuso, Leonardo and Maldini will probably end in a heartbreaking divorce and, Gattuso is not prepared for this. For this reason, he went on the run.

    “I don’t want to leave AC Milan because I gave my best,” Gattuso told a good friend of his. “Internazionale has been doing s*** all season, and now they managed to get a point over us and enter the Champions League!”

    Being the calmer of the two, Maldini tried consoling his ex-mate with little success.  Knowing that Maltese PM Joseph Muscat is an avid Milan fan and brings in unexpected great results, Maldini reached out to Milan management to set up a meeting with him to set the strategy for next year.

    Like Gattuso, Maldini is trying to save his a** from being fired on the spot. AC Milan must guard its reputation and Muscat is seen as the only person with experience who can handle such a crisis.

    To this request, Muscat replied that he is honoured to be given this task, even if his is used to a smaller target audience. That said, keeping in mind that he is aiming for higher posts in the E.U, he is willing to take up the challenge and bring back AC Milan at the forefront of Italian football.

    Muscat admitted that he was flattered with AC Milan’s request because he never thought of having such a possibility. People close to him told Loonynews that he would be more than glad to beat Internazionale next year, both in Serie A, but also in getting back to Champions League, and possibly win it in the next year.

    After hearing this news Gattuso was left speechless (rude words included) because he is not sure whether to have Muscat’s trust or not. Gattuso confessed “I tried several times to impress the Maltese Premier Joseph Muscat. He always gets these great wins. And what am I left with? Nothing. I even managed to get us out of the Champions League.

    I must admit that after these positive results Muscat gets every time there is an election, he is most probably the right man for the job. All I wish to ask him is to still consider me as a coach. I might bark, but I’m a good man, and like him, I mean good.”