Hazard…the next Ronaldo?

    Hazard...the next Ronaldo?

    Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo was like Samson without hair. The team suffered a couple of humiliations and some defeats could have been spared.

    However, this season Real Madrid want a comeback. Manager Zinedine Zidane together with Real management have been playing the famous childhood game ‘pim pim 7-up’ to see which players to choose for this year.

    Zidane told Real management that he wants to be spoilt for choice as he was before. This Zidane is quite a type, same as when he was a player, thinking that he owned the pitch, but heading people around. He’s a bit of a bad loser.

    This is where now ex Chelsea’s best player Eden Hazard came in the picture. Real’s management had a pack of playing cards with the faces of all the top players in the world and he was in that pack. Real also knew that after having built up one of the top players worldwide, Chelsea F.C was ready to make some cash out of Hazard’s name and alas they made their offer.

    Hazard’s transfer was unveiled last week at the Santiago Bernabeu where he said that he hopes to become a Real Madrid Galatico and ‘the best player in the world’. The 28-year-old was presented to his new fans in Madrid after completing a transfer that could cost more than £150 million.

    Unlike Ronaldo, Hazard says that he ‘wishes’ to become the best player in the world. Ronaldo says that he is the best player in the world. Modesty was never a problem for him. Of course Ronaldo’s reaction to this news was ‘he can never be anything like me, as I will always be Real’s best!’

    Being the opposite of most players, Hazard is a humble young man and when addressing the Bernabeu audience he said that while he isn’t a Galactico yet, he hopes to earn that title. Previous icons who earned that title were Ronaldo, Zidane himself, Beckham and Luis Figo.

    Hazard’s childhood dream was to represent real. At the time little did he know that 50,000 new fans would pack the stadium just to see him wearing the new Real gear for the first time.  He was delighted to be greeted like any great player.

    Hazard scored a total of 21 goals this season, his highest total for a season, as well as recording 17 assists in all competitions, 15 of which came in the Premier League, hitting it more than any other player.

    With a heavy heart, Chelsea opted to sell Hazard with one year left on his deal not to risk losing him for free in 2020. Hazard was recently named the Blues’ Player of the Year for a fourth time and continues to display terrific form for Belgium too.

    Both Ronaldo and Messi are hopeful to get hold of the Ballon d’Or once again after last year it was snatched off them by Real Madrid player Luka Modric. However, Hazard’s hopes are that he keeps it at Real.

    The Ballon d’Or is the most prestigious gift a player can receive being considered verification as the best individual player in the world. The truth behind it is that team silverware and other accomplishments are required to justify most votes.

    Will Hazard be the next Ballon d’Or?!