Hey! We’re going to Ibiza! Join the Barcelona FC party with their WAGS

    Hey! We’re going to Ibiza! Join the Barcelona FC party with their WAGS

    In a couple of weeks, football season will be in full swing and footballers will once again be indulged in their routine.

    Their tough life brings footballers to enjoy life to an extreme because unlike the lot of us they have to follow a strict routine. Cristiano Ronaldo eats nothing which has more than five grams of fat. He never ate a croissant or a waffle.

    Argentine Gonzalo Higuain can’t say to follow his same footsteps though he tries. He cannot resist those churritos though and chocolate fondant seems to be a favourite.

    Others enjoy life differently and prefer to party. Barcelona stars Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Jordy Alba met former Barcelona team-mate Cesc Fabregas with their respective wives and girlfriends in Ibiza.

    They cannot just work with no play don’t they? PSG frustrated midfielder/forward Neymar was jealous when he saw the uploaded photo on Instagram. Knowing that he’s still in the limbo about his future angered him more He couldn’t digest seeing his former team-mates having fun together and him not being there.

    This made him call another Brazilian ‘dancer’ to console his needs and sadness. That’s Neymar’s way of having fun. Women are his hobby. His dad loves him so much that he compiled a catalogue of different women with different professions so when he’s ‘down’ he can choose from it and call any of them. That’s what family is for, to help when in need.

    To add insult to injury Fabregas’ wife Daniella seaman shared their picture on Instagram and wrote: “Different day, different year, some amazing people.”

    That must have irked the Brazilian considering that at the moment he’s unwanted by most.

    After his departure, Fabregas remained close with his Barcelona pals and this partying together is a testimony of that.

    Messi is not known for his talking as he’s not one who talks much, but he wanted to send a message that he too knows how to party and have fun with who matters.

    Their WAGS all happily posed for the photos enjoying time with their beloved husbands and partners. Messi’s wife Antonella Roccuzzo and Luis Suarez’s Sofia Balbi posed for a picture together to mark the memory. They love receiving memory notifications on facebook.

    For the occasion, Suarez was left on the leash to make sure that he doesn’t bite anyone. He was however focused on enjoying his time with his mates prior to starting the season in full swing.

    Real Madrid striker also saw their picture on Instagram and he somewhat wished to be there with them. He wanted to show his manager Zinedine Zidane that he can party even with their biggest rivals because friendship sees no boundaries.

    All he did was send a wave to Mess on messenger. Discretely.