How happy is Ronaldo having Sarri as coach?

    How happy is Ronaldo having Sarri as coach?

    International football diva Cristiano Ronaldo is surrendering to the idea of having Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri as his new coach.

    Ronaldo is known for his modesty neither for his humility or humbleness. His motto is “I know I’m the best because I know I’m the best”. He rules wherever he goes. This time it’s Juventus turn.

    Juventus has been in the limbo for the past weeks to appoint their next new manager after the release of Massimiliano Allegri. Rumour had it that next in line as a coach would be famous controversial figure Sarri. What was splashed as the rumour is now turning into a reality?

    Having a star like Ronaldo on board, the club wanted to make sure not to lose him. Sarri had to pass through a ridiculous number of tests to make Ronaldo happy. Loonynews is informed that Sarri had to learn what Ronaldo’s favourite food is. Sarri was reported saying to his pals “I know he’s as fit as a fish, but remembering his favourite food is an easy task as his diet is so boring! He eats nothing which contains fat. Mustn’t’ that be a boring life! But hey, I need him to win this year’s Champions League so better if I learn what makes him happy.”

    That’s not it. Poor Sarri had to also memorise what’s his partner’s favourite flowers are, what his kids like playing among many other things. Sarri’s nerves were sky high because he felt humiliated to succumb to these requests.

    “Guys see what I have to go through to get a job” Sarri was quoted telling his friends. “I just brought Chelsea FC back to Champions League and hello, we won the Europa League. But these super divas think that they can control the coach.”

    That said, frivolous Sarri was happy to hear that Ronaldo has given the green light to his appointment at Juventus claiming that he is ‘curious’ to work with the attack-minded manager.

    Now that he’s got the green light, Sarri is over the moon because he can adopt a strong preference for attacking the football. He used this tactic at Napoli where he steered players like Gonzalo Higuain and Dries Mertens.

    “I hope this Ronaldo went to read about my successes. I have a proven track record of getting the best out of my attackers. I train them tactically well enough that they find it very easy to score. Ronaldo will discover another side of him thanks to me.

    Sarri might be right. Higuain, now a Chelsea player, scored a Serie A record of 36 goals in 35 matches during the 2015-16 campaign. Same can be said for Mertens. His best season was under Sarri at Napoli in 2016-17, scoring 34 times in all competitions.

    Ronaldo scored 28 goals and contributed 13 assists in all competitions during his first season at Juventus after moving from Real Madrid in a deal worth £100million.

    Dearest Sarri welcome to the Juventus family – soon!!