I don’t smile because it is part of our culture – Sanchez. Meanwhile, Pepsodent offers sponsorship

    I don’t smile because it is part of our culture – Sanchez. Meanwhile, Pepsodent offers sponsorship

    Manchester United striker Alexis Sanchez revealed that he does not smile and show no emotions when playing because it is part of his culture.

    The Chilean striker has been lately criticised for not smiling when playing with his current club Manchester United. This did not go down well with him because it hurt his feelings being an untrue statement.

    Ex-Manchester United player Robin van Persie said that Sanchez is not smiling because he is not happy as much as he was happy at Arsenal. According to the Dutchman “if you’re happy, you’re 50 per cent fitter, you create more and you enjoy yourself…so he should find a way mentally to change that.”

    Van Persie went into more depth about the matter making it more like a chemistry and philosophy lesson.

    “What is pressure? Over the years I have thought about that a lot and pressure is air, you can’t touch pressure. It’s what you put on yourself,” Van Persie explains.

    “It is important to put pressure in a box and deal with it. Of course, the pressure is there because you are playing for a big club and everyone has opinions about you. But you have to manage that.”

    Hearing all this philosophy Sanchez was bewildered and flattered yet angered at the same time. “Why do people have to go into a philosophical rant over my non-smile and non-happy behaviour? How is that even a thing?” Sanchez complained with his friend.

    What was more unexpected was giant toothpaste company Pepsodent calling Sanchez’s agent for a meeting.

    Pepsodent explained to his agent that the Chilean is the best fit for their next marketing advertising campaign.

    “Sanchez is what we need. He is smart, good looking and has the tough look. We want to show that we can manage to make people smile even if it is not in their culture to do so. He happens to have nice teeth so for us it is a double plus” a Pepsodent represent said.

    “We want Sanchez to represent us even when playing with his club. Imagine him smiling after a good tackle or after scoring. People would know that he is using our product. His teeth will shine as never before.” The representative continued.

    Later on, Sanchez admitted that the lack of smiling is not due to the Chilean culture. Instead, he said, it is because he’s not up to it and currently he is not in the mood for it. “Why should I smile if I don’t feel like it? I am not a billboard boy that has to smile and cheer all the time” Sanchez told a friend of his

    Little did he know that a company like Pepsodent was going to approach him to become their representative.

    “Now whether I like it or not I have to show that I can smile. I will fake it because I don’t have any other choice. Out of all people they had to choose me for their advert. Life is so ironic!” Sanchez vented.

    His manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer greeted the news saying that this will boost the Chilean in his games forcing him to smile more.