Inter: Icardi get the message. You’re OUT

    Inter: Icardi get the message. You’re OUT

    Argentinian striker Mauro Icardi and British PM Theresa May have one thing in common – they will not be remaining in their current posts.

    Theresa May has imminently stepped down from her post as leader of the Conservative Party while Icardi keeps suffering humiliation from his current club Inter being told that there is no place for him at Inter.

    May is the second British Prime Minister after Margaret Bondfield. Ironically this time 90 years ago Bondfield made history by becoming the first female Prime Minister.

    Which legend did Icardi replace? None.

    Inter’s unofficial message to Icardi read something of the sort. ‘Icardi, you and your wife are a mess. You have messed our club and part of our reputation. You are not welcome at Inter any longer. Please go deal with your drama elsewhere. You are OUT.’

    The main difference between May and Icardi is that the latter could have spared all the drama if he left his wife and manager Wanda Nara out of the picture of his football career. May had a tough mission ahead leading Brexit and being a woman did not make her task any easier, yet LoonyNews believes that she passed her test with flying colours.

    Even if on social media Icardi is trying not to lose face, the situation is rather desperate behind the scenes. Not only did Icardi lost his brilliant career at Inter, but he also lost his family since he speaks to none of them.

    Icardi at the moment is a very sad boy and his only time-out is to meet his pals over a drink and some PS4 play. Friends close to Icardi said that he is biting his toes and nails for all this. He was quoted saying ‘I’m not sure whether I did the right thing marrying Wanda guys. Look at my life, I’m so young and yet thanks to Wanda it’s full of drama.

    ‘I have blocked my family, Inter are making it clear that I’m not wanted and all I have left is her.’

    Who blames the man! No one would want to be in such an awkward position. Icardi’s future is blurred as blurry it can be. Inter’s message to Icardi is clear – ‘go put your but elsewhere’. Newly arrived coach Antonio Conte happily made it public that he hopes Conte will be out of the club before the pre-season starts. #feelingunwanted applies here.

    It cannot be said that Icardi has been inundated with offers. One of the possible options was AC Roma, an offer which he declined. It’s not up to his standards since they are not in the Champions League.

    Other plausible options which desperate boy Icardi is considering are a transfer to Napoli or Juventus, the latter being slightly more realistic if there is a swap with Juve’s Dybala.

    May’s advantage is that after all this struggle, she will be able to enjoy a spectacular summer. On the other hand, Icardi will have to continue playing poker and gamble his future and career.

    Where do you think is Icardi’s future? Are Inter fans happy that he’s out?