International footballers worried for the change of clock happening this weekend

    The change of clock by an hour occurring during this weekend has brought serious concern to several international footballers. The change will happen on the 31st March at 2.00am.

    Their main concern is, that due to this change, their games will be longer and this would therefore limit them from their other engagements. Some even asked whether the change of clock will still affect them in their current playing location even if their country of origin is from South America and the like. Their respective coaches however reassured them that few will change with this change; they will sleep a bit less and the day will get longer.

    Reactions from players varied.

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo’s concern –  he had a weekend planned with the boys on the yacht. He said he needs a break after the injury he suffered when playing with Portugal this week against Serbia. To fully recover, he will skip the match with Juventus against Empoli and just relax in the sun. ????

    Kylian Mbappe

    The young French star Kylian Mbappe on the other hand was concerned because he wanted to visit his family. He still feels homesick being so young. See, football is not just about being around young girls, he says. Should we believe him?!

    Luis Suarez

    Is it vampire weekend this weekend? ????It is for Luis Suarez. He’s on the run to see who’s in for the next Suarez bite, this time, off the pitch. He was one of those who declared that the change of clock does not apply to him since he is fro m Argentina.

    Mauro Icardi

    What to say about the Internazionale player Mauro Icardi. He is currently filming one of those famous South American telenovelas with his wife Wanda. It never ends. The good thing for him though is that he is still off the pitch ????

    David De Gea

    This David De Gea is one of a kind.  When Spain played against Malta earlier this week, he did not want to play so he could get some extra rest prior to the weekend. If not, he said, he would not have the energy to play.

    Mohammed Salah

    This Mohammed Salah is a character. He does not talk much but he acts. Liverpool fans love him for being a doer. Salah is a hairy boy and he is in need of a haircut this weekend. He wanted to make sure to have enough time to go to the hairdresser. The latter was kind enough to go in the Chelsea changing room and do his haircut.


    Marcelo’s issue was pretty similar to Salah’s. He was planning to completely shave his hair. Seems that he lost a bet and now he must shave it. Due to his heavy bush, he was not sure about the amount of hours it would take ????

    Raheem Sterling

    Him? Now that he is more focused on foot rather than just partying, he is still adapting to the concept of time. In Sterling’s case, it is a works in progress. You will make it pal, next year will be easier. Keep cheered and keep scoring.


    Ahh Neymar Neymar you’re the best when it comes to acting and falling. The Brazilian spends considerable hours rehearsing his falls. Don’t worry boy, you will still have time for your rehearsals.

    Gonzalo Higuain

    This chap has been through a hard time in just a year. From Juventus to Milan and now, Chelsea. He lost all concept of time. Be sensitive guys, he’ll get there too. But hey Higuain, the clock will just move by an hour only!

    For the rest of common mortals around the world, this is a normal happy process because days become longer. Others need more of an explanation to something simple. That is why Loony is here. Respect ????