Jose Mourinho Falls… Again!

    A video of Mourinho falling during the inauguration of a Russian ice hockey game has now gone viral. ????????????

    Things for Jose Mourinho have been going from bad to worse this year and this week’s incident does not help him in any way.

    Jose is a man who is used to having the spotlight constantly fixed on him but an embarrassing fall during arguably one of the lowest points of his career just adds to the misfortune, especially when the incident goes viral!

    The former Manchester United boss was attending a Russian ice hockey game at the weekend as a VIP guest. After performing the ceremonial puck drop, Mourinho turned to exit the ice only to slip over on the red carpet on his way back.

    Jose Mourinho Falls

    The unfortunate tumble was captured by many cameras from various angles and spread on the web in a matter of hours. Check out Jose’s fall below:

    Sadly for Mourinho this is not even his first humiliating tumble though. A few months back in September 2018, Mourinho fell at the Wembley Stadium while attending the UEFA Nations League match between England and Spain. And even then the incident went viral on the web! He later jokingly said that he deliberately fell to give the press something to laugh about. Check out Mourinho’s fall at Wembley below:

    Loony has always been a keen admirer of Jose Mourinho and while finding his tumbles funny in themselves he is more concerned with the Portuguese’s career future, “Is Jose ever going to be the Special One again or is his magic beginning to wither?”