Klopp the Kop

    Right on cue! On the very same weekend where Klopp’s Liverpool have toppled league leaders and reigning Champions Manchester City for first place, just like magic out of nowhere, Klopp’s face finds itself plastered on the wall of a building in the Liverpool area known as the Baltic Triangle. Klopp’s side are now topping the Premier League with 42 points after 16 matches after Pep Guardiola’s side stumbled to their first loss in the league this season at the hands of Maurizio Sarri’s Chelsea (2-0 at the Stamford Bridge), leaving Manchester City one point short off the new leaders.

    Never mind magic, the man behind this portrait is a street artist known as Akse, the Liverpool Echo reports. A proof of passion towards this team and towards their own master of ceremonies in a city already buzzing with hype for the performances produced by the Reds since Jurgen Klopp took charge of this dressing room.
    However, the mural has the city divided in two – needless to say the graffiti was greatly welcomed by the Liverpool fans but did not go down so well with the Blue side of Merseyside with many Everton fans taking to twitter to express their not-so-subtle disappointment and some actually questioning how long the mural will last without being vandalized (sad really if it happens – no need for that!).

    Hats off to the @rustygannon, a suspected Liverpool fan, for putting it in the most delightful diplomatic way ever. Fair is fair.