Loony Lunatic Police Escort!

    The Irish Rugby teams 'Police Escort' through Rome is priceless ??

    Geplaatst door Rory's Stories op Zondag 24 februari 2019

    Ireland’s national Rugby team bus was provided with a police car and a couple of officers as their escort on their way to the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, on their match day. Their escort can be described as a colourful and unexpected one.

    As seen on this video, the police escort started driving wildly through the streets of Rome, slaloming through oncoming traffic and at times emulating F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton himselfJ.

    The whole episode was caught on video by the Ireland rugby stars on the team bus, with players and staff that can be heard laughing their heads off, while a few of them captured the episode on their camera phones.

    The officers could be seen and heard hooting their horn and blaring their sirens before driving into oncoming traffic to slow them down. Absolutely insane! An accident waiting to happen.

    No wonder the rugby players on call could not stop the chorus of  calling the driver of the police escort ‘f****** lunatic’ ????. Cannot really blame anyone here as this is all loony crazy!

    Mr. Rome Policeman, will think twice about gobbling down another pizza while he’s on duty!!!

    Some further inquiries by Loony on the matter reveal the real reason behind the crazy police driving. Apparently, it’s been said that the police officer seated on the passenger side happened to be lactose-intolerant ????

    What happened was that the policemen decided to have some pizza for lunch and the mozzarella didn’t do any favours to the police officer. The cramps in his belly drove him up the wall and he needed to get to the restroom with a matter of urgency causing this farce!! ????

    We’re guessing that next time, Mr. Rome Policeman, will think twice about gobbling down another pizza while he’s on duty!!!

    In the end Ireland had to come from behind against a stubborn Italy side, eventually winning 26-16 to secure an unimpressive victory.