Loony’s Football Sundays & Loony’s Ratings

    With hurricane Dnegel ravaging the Maltese islands, the Sunday plan came up together on its own – Big Football Sundays with my mate Loony.

    It looked perfectly poised from the moment we woke up. The winds outside were still causing havoc, more than we thought at the time. Staying home to watch some good football with my pal Loony, sounded like the perfect plan for the day.

    Our only brief encounter with hurricane Dnegel was when we decided to venture up the road to buy some pastizzi. Loony insisted on having some pastizzi, and a few sausage rolls too. A trip which usually takes us just 10 minutes by walk took us closer to an hour as the wind forces were pulling us backwards. One step back with every two of mine forward. Loony grabbed my leg in fear of being swept away. Mission!

    At one point I saw something flying past in the wind which looked very much like a fish. I looked down at Loony but he was too busy holding on for dear life and mumbling something incoherent. Admittedly I might have been hallucinating as I had just woken up (at around 1pm) and was battling a mild hangover (funny story that bit).

    Back home safely the program was set. Three matches coming up one after the other. Loony could not contain himself. His passion for the sport gets him overly-excited and he was bouncing around the living room like a ping-pong ball.

    Pastizzi and sausage rolls ready laid out on the table and tea brewing just in time for the first kick-off.

    And that’s how Loony’s Sundays was born.

    Stay tuned for Loony’s ratings later on today…