Lukaku ends up at Juventus after Inter lose snakes and ladders game

    Internazionale have lost their bid in getting on board Romelu Lukaku after losing a snakes and leader game against Italian champions Juventus.

    Due to Inter losing this precious important game at a crucial stage, Juve have the golden opportunity to swap Man United’s Lukaku with their striker Paulo Dybala.

    It was all over the news in any language possible that Inter wanted Man United’s Lukaku especially after his coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made it clear that he would be playing second fiddle to Marcus Rashford should he stay on next season.

    This made Lukaku want to make a move to Serie A with Inter who were more than keen to sign the striker. However cash was low from their end so they played it differently, losing anyway.

    In the meantime Juventus started showing their interest in Lukaku to strengthen their midfield and approached Man United.

    Inter were not that happy in getting to know this news and after giving it thought they offered Juventus a gamble – to play a snakes and leader game. They proposed that whoever wins, gets Lukaku.

    Probably they are still running after the snake that made them lose the same game that they proposed. Their disadvantage was that Juve could offer something Inter couldn’t – a charming fresh energetic Dybala.

    Juve and Inter management met on neutral grounds to play the game. They decided to meet in Rome and the game was monitored by ex Rome star Francesco Totti. He was in Rome at the time so he agreed to go for it especially since his future is a complete blur.

    Inter are known to call Juventus with the pet name Rubentus. Rub comes from rubare which means stealing. For this reason they called in all professionals possible to see that the game was authentic and not manipulated in any possible way from Juventus.

    They checked every dice, the cardboard, the round plastic pieces.

    Once it was confirmed by Totti himself that all was in place, Juve and Inter representatives started the game. They made a total of five rounds and whoever wins the majority, would win Lukaku.

    The game was scheduled for Monday at 1900hrs.

    Both clubs sweat till the last minute. They were fully concentrated on the game. No food, no women around. Just water to keep hydrated.

    Juventus won the call after nearly two hours.

    Inter manager Antonio Conte fumed at the news and was in despair. He wanted to hand in his resignation there and then.

    “Why did I even accept to have this game! I know Juventus very well and they are tactful! Here we are back to square one, literally” Conte was heard saying to himself.

    Now that the show must go on, United must agree personal terms with Dybala.