Malta FA launches campaign for foreign clubs to train in Malta this summer – to get a taste of a burning hell

    Malta FA launches campaign for foreign clubs to train in Malta this summer – to get a taste of a burning hell

    You sin, you go to hell. That’s what we were taught during our school days.

    In Malta, you don’t have to sin to go to hell. You just live it during the summer. This year the hot summer burns started as early as June after having suffered a tough cold winter.

    Temperatures are reaching 34-37 degrees and they all feel like over 40 degrees.

    Knowing that some teams do not know what having a summer means, the Malta Football Association (Malta FA) launched a campaign with foreign clubs to attract them to train in Malta during summer.

    Most foreign clubs are used to milder temperatures and Malta’s temperatures would shock their system.

    In a statement, the Malta FA suggested that this will help the association make some money, but it will also serve foreign players to accustom them playing in such tough heat. The statement read: “We are aware that this is a particular summer for Malta. As time goes by, we are getting closer to getting tropical weather. In view of this our weather cycle is changing and we are getting colder winters and hotter summers.

    In view of this, the Malta FA deemed it is the right decision to launch a campaign to attract top A foreign clubs to train in Malta for them to taste a bit of hell. We are confident that this would be a unique lifetime experience for them.”

    The statement continued “we often criticise Maltese players, but we would like to see these foreign players doing their training in these soaring temperatures. This would increase their resistance and endurance. Here we are offering a unique package.”

    “The package will include our bouncy pitches, the sun, the heat, sponsored water, the sea and a bit of Mediterranean beauty. They will have to pay an extra charge for electricity.”

    A Malta FA representative during a press conference based in hell said that the launched campaign was already reaping fruits.

    “We are pleased that prior to our official launch, this campaign clicked interest with some top clubs, especially from the Nordics. They are not used to so much sun. Since there’s the World Cup in Dubai, they wanted to start preparing for the heat and this will be a good taste of it,” Giovanni Solare de Velasco said.

    “Many are interested to try this unique experience, but due to obvious restrictions, only a selected few will have the opportunity to benefit from this unique package. We are humbled by the response.

    This is setting us in another frame of mind and to think of new ways of how to expand so that we could welcome more teams. One of the ideas discussed internally was to build small islands with pitches, but we’re at an early stage” Solare de Velasco concluded.

    Which teams do you think would attract Malta as their training base?