Malta Referees announce a pastizzi party for all football fans

    The MFRA issued a statement this week announcing a strike. What they did not say is that they are organising a pastizzi and pizza party for all football fans

    Let us be honest. Who doesn’t like to be off work for at least a day or two? We all have called in sick some time or another even if all we wanted was a chill break from work. Do not lie, LoonyNews is aware that most of you have done it.

    The Malta Football Referees Association (MFRA) decided to take this measure a step further. Earlier this week they announced a strike as from Friday 5th April after the Malta Football Association (MFA) in their opinion, had snubbed the deadlines for the revision of fees to be paid to the referees.

    What the MFRA did not say in its statement is that the real reason behind this strike is a break – a break from everything. They feel that their work is under rated. They have to ref in whatever the weather looks like. If it is sunny, they have to ref, if it is windy they also have to ref and if it is raining, they have to be out there too.

    The above mentioned point is a sensitive one too. How many times have you sulked because you did not get that deserved pay rise? This is what the MFRA thinks. In order to make their voice heard, they announced the strike. To make sure it goes into action they are organising a pastizzi and pizza party. It is yet to be confirmed who will be attending, however the MFRA said that all football fans are welcome. After all, a pastizz makes one’s life fuller, and it gives you more of an optimistic outlook to life.

    After all, a pastizz makes one’s life fuller, and it gives you more of an optimistic outlook to life.

    Football insiders are concerned about this move considering that in the pipeline this weekend there are two important matches; Birkirkara FC vs Hiberians and Valletta FC vs Gżira United. Sources close to Loonynews however confirmed that the mentioned clubs could be invited for this party so they can all enjoy their free time with fans under the same roof. #nostress

    In reply to this news, the MFA, like any employer would reply, said that “The Malta FA would like to emphasise that, at the time of writing this statement, the Association has not been officially informed of the strike action ordered by the MFRA other than through the media release issued by the same organisation.

    The Malta FA strongly disagrees with the position taken by the MFRA, more so in light of the on-going discussions with a group of match officials over the revision of match fees and other matters related to the overall conditions of match officials at all levels.”

    Moral of the story remains that this is what employees do when they do not get what they want. They sulk and they throw parties. The MFRA wished to confirm that pizza and wine will be part of the menu. Doughnuts will also be served.

    What is your say about this? Do you think they will strike? Send us your thoughts on news@loonynews.com