Man United preparing a special dance to celebrate Pogba’s departure from the club

    Man United preparing a special dance to celebrate Pogba’s departure from the club

    Manchester United are preparing a special dance for next season to celebrate the French star Paul Pogba’s departure from the club.

    This news leaked from the players to their family members since not all are keen in dancing. The idea initiated from manager Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer after Pogba’s drama and whining that he wants to leave Man United.

    Even if Man United chief Ed Woodward wants him to stay, the rest of the club wants him OUT. They’ve had enough of his crying whining tactics and tantrums. Solskjaer thought of preparing a new dance for the team to celebrate his departure from the club and to celebrate fresh air, the club’s new signings.

    Just last week it was reported that Pogba wants to hold a personal meeting with his current manager Solskjaer to beg him to leave after returning from his holidays. https://bit.ly/2RU5z3t

    The call between the two went something like this

    Pogba: Hi manager, it’s me Pogba, one of your players.

    Solskjaer: Yes I know who you are. You’re the one that slept through most of the season and had fights with Man Utd Fans.

    Pogba: Guilty. Yes, I’m the one..ehhhh (pause)…ahhhh…Listen, coach, I wished to see if I could have a word with you upon my return from the holidays. I’m currently on a boat with some girls so can’t talk much but…

    Solskjaer: OF COURSE we can talk! I was going to call you in myself but knowing that you’re on break and that you’re so stressed because you want to leave I thought of giving you space.

    Pogba: Oh coach that’s so thoughtful of you. Merci. Thanks for accepting to meet me. And I hope the media won’t be cruel with me anymore because errr uhhh I cannot take it anymore.

    Soslkjaer: It’s ok Pogba. The media can go loony sometimes. Now enjoy your break and see you soon.

    Line went dead.

    After this call Solskjaer was heard running around the corridors screaming “Allelujah! Allelujah!”

    Close aides to the coach said that it was after this call that the dance idea popped to mind. Ole took quick action by calling a close friend of his who’s a choreographer and they agreed to come up with a trendy dance.

    News travels fast and previous Man United manager Jose Mourinho heard the news of the trendy dance to celebrate Pogba’s departure.

    The dismissed coach who is still pissed at the club, couldn’t help but call Solskjaer to congratulate him for this idea.

    Mourinho: Hey my friend who replaced me at Man United Hola! It’s me…that Portuguese bastard, Mourinho. You recognise me?

    Solskjaer: Oh hi! Yes I do. Can I be of help?

    Mourinho: (laughing) no thank you. Malta Jobs Plus helping me to find new employment don’t worry. I just wanted to tell you thumbs up for that dance idea. Brilliant. That midget of Pogba deserves it. He’s stupid.

    Solskjaer Oh! The dance…yes..I see you’ve hear of it alr…

    Mourinho: (interrupting him) I get to know everything my friend. I just want to tell you that I support you in this and will help you. I want to participate too. You have my support in this.

    Solskjaer: Thank you Mourinho. Thank you!

    Mourinho: Welcome. Bye.

    Man United fans are awaiting the unveiling of the dance.

    Pogba is not yet aware of the news.