Man UTD fans not a-mou-sed!

    Surprise surprise, it did not cost them their participation in the Champions League, they’re still in it.

    But after the unexpected defeat suffered by Juventus against Swiss champions Young Boys, Manchester United could have clinched top spot in Group H avoiding the likes of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, PSG and Dortmund in the next stage of Champions League knockoutphase.

    Very few would have predicted Juventus losing this one, but Man United’s performance against Valencia in the last round of matches of the Champions League Group Stage, was once again below par. This is something that Man United’s fans have regrettably become accustomed to this season, raising questions on Jose Mourinho’s ability in managing this group of players.

    Jose Mourinho himself has been a target of online trolling thus far this season but for this week he seems like he is going to be in good company J

    Attention though shifted quickly to the Premier League for this Sunday’s eternal-rivalry-big-match, the question looms: “How will Jose Mourinho’s team fare this week end at Anfield against on-formLiverpool?”

    This was the answer.