Mauro Icardi in limbo! Inter begs clubs for an offer

    Former Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi is not having the best of 2019. The club has gone in complete silence over his future at the club.

    Former Inter Milan captain Mauro Icardi is not having the best of 2019. The club has gone in complete silence over his future at the club.

    His exit from Inter Milan is still a mystery and how it all will happen is another mystery. LoonyNews recently compared his exit together with British PM Theresa May. Who’s got it best is yet to see. https://bit.ly/2YpmwFm

    Icardi didn’t have much of a nice time during the club’s last play after being booed off the pitch because he failed a penalty spot in his team’s crucial match at home to Empoli. Doubt keeps rolling whether Icardi will appear in the next season.

    A quick rewind to last autumn. The Argentine striker was the club’s hero. He was the captain and he was thriving. His spell started in February after he was stripped of the captaincy and the reasons are still a mystery. Rumour has it because of his off-pitch behaviour.

    His wife and agent Wanda Nara didn’t do much to help him. Apart from indirectly offending other players and the club’s quality, come also the naked pictures on Instagram with her husband.

    She was criticised harshly and so was he. Yet, as caliente as she is, she makes no apologies and instead she rebuts. Whether all this is backfiring on Icardi’s football career is yet to see.

    Then came his knee injury and he was ruled out for several weeks. Many questioned whether the injury was real, or just an excuse to stay off pitch. Some saw this as the fallen hero with a bruised pride.

    In the meantime, came end of season and summer kicked off. Inter Milan signed new manager Antonio Conte who is sure of his decision – Icardi is out. He can only stay if his wife Wanda Nara is out of the picture. How that can be possible is a mystery.

    This makes Icardi available to other clubs. But while most players are rumoured about, all is taboo when it comes to Icardi. Does anyone want him? Is any club interested to take him on board? Silence.

    Icardi and his wife keep insisting that Inter-Milan is their home and they will be staying in Milan but fact remains that they are not welcome. As a gentle reminder of his contribution to the club, the striker uses Instagram to remind his followers how many times he scored since his stay at the Inter Milan.

    Not only does he have issues with his club, but now even with the national team. He was not called in for Copa America. Instead his compatriot Lautaro Martinez was called.

    It seems however that even his best supporters got tired of all his issues.

    Fact remains that Icardi is a quality player.

    What are your guesses about his future? Will he remain in Italy or will he change air completely?

    Will he rise again? In the meantime, Icardi remains for sale.