Messi applies for VL before facing Liverpool again

    Messi applies for VL

    Barcelona captain Lionel Messi asked his coach for vacation leave after scoring his 600th goal for the club during the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. To the heartache of many Liverpool fans, the score of the game was 3-0.

    With his goal, Messi put the Blauguara firmly in the lead of this semi-final.  Knowing this, Messi thought “why not chill out a bit and rest my legs before we meet them again”. In an unusual move Messi asked his manager Ernesto Valverde whether he could take some time off prior to the next match.

    Footballers’ lives are known to be all over the place. Their personal life is scheduled around their profession. They cannot apply for vacation leave like any other common worker. Messi though thought of shaking the water and give it a try. After all, he did his job against Liverpool.

    News is now emerging that during the game he punched Fabinho before scoring his magnificent free kick. Does it really matter now? Whoever follows Messi the Messiah knows how he plays, and he’s anything but a dirty player. So please.

    Scoring his 600th goal with Barcelona is no joke. This goal was no common goal. It was a 35-yard free kick into the top corner. Scoring free kicks has become second nature for the Messiah. Free kicks are his new penalties.

    At 31 years of age, he doesn’t seem anywhere close to slowing down. Argentinean legend Diego Armando Maradona was dogged by off-field scandal and punished by injury on it. On the other hand, Messi at 31 defined a Champions League semi-final, further marking himself out as one of the greatest players of all time.

    Messi has been working hard to get where he is today. He’d been showing his talent since he was as young as four years old. Rumour has it that it all started when his grandmother begged a coach to let him play a junior game at the age of four. Even if shy, he showed character from the very beginning.

    It seems that when young boy Messi was allowed on, he ignored the first pass to him, to which seemed like an error. Then he collected another, danced around defenders and let everyone know he was a future legend.

    It took just that much for Barcelona to snap him up. Needless say that at youth level he shone. From then on there were the camoes for the first-team and the moment against Albacete in May 2005 he scored his first. That day he was introduced from the bench and, teed up by Ronaldinho he lobbed the goalkeeper. The rest is history.

    Coming back to the vacation leave thing. Messi wants to make sure to be fresh prior to the game against Liverpool next Tuesday. He wants to lead Barcelona to the final, and he wants to score more goals.

    Will Messi the Messiah have the same flair during Liverpool on Tuesday? Or scoring two goals in one game was mere luck for this champ?

    Keep going Messi. Let your fans dream.