EXCLUSIVE: Jose Mourinho to head Malta’s National Football team

    Ex-Manchester United’s Manager Jose Mourinho will be Malta’s next coach for the National football team as he needs a good motivator. He described the current Malta Manager Ray Farrugia, a man with cojones.

    You are reading right. The recently axed Manager by Manchester United, Jose Mourinho, is Malta’s next Manager for the National football team. This has not yet been made official by the Malta Football Association (MFA) because prior to the signing, the association wants to proceed with a mental health test.

    It seems however that the Portuguese Manager was keen to make this public especially because currently, Malta is hitting the news positively in the sports sector, and this will serve him to also improve his international profile.

    Maltese athletes brought some optimal results home, starting with the Special Olympics in Dubai, the National rugby team, weightlifting and the list goes on. They are the Maltese heroes, no question about this by the Maltese public.

    Last January Mourinho declared that he had turned down three job offers with high profile clubs. Back then he said “I will analyse things. I refuse already three options because I didn’t feel it is what I want. I am going to be calm. The more time I have, the better I can prepare. The next must be something that makes me happy with a challenge.”

    The ex Manager for Inter, Chelsea and Real Madrid had also stated “I know me, and I know by the end of March I will be struggling with my happiness.”

    Indeed he was true to his word. In his statement Mourinho explained that he always wanted to be in a place which reminds him of his roots, that kept him calm and in his view Malta is the ideal place.

    Photo by Andrew Grima

    “Malta is not just about the sun and sea. There is more to it. Maltese culture is all about being relaxed, with the ‘chill bro’ attitude. You walk in the streets and you see people happy, smiling. Malta is a happy country. This has also been confirmed by a recent survey” he said.

    His statement continues “it is not just about that though. Malta is one country which progressed extensively in these past years. They are progressing to the extent of building another island next to it so there can be more nature. Can you be more progressive than that?” Mourinho said. About this matter the Portuguese also boasted to have suggested to Government to build a football pitch so he could run it and attract more international footballers to Malta.

    All he had was praise for Malta, the culture and its mentality. In his view, Maltese are pure Mediterranean and he knows that he will do well with the Malta football national team.

    “These people, if you tell them to f**k off, they will tell it back to you. They will not go on social media and cry about it and share it with everyone. This is the kind of men I want to work with,” said a proud Mourinho.

    The controversial coach had words of praise for the current Malta coach Ray Farrugia and insisted on having him as his Assistant. He described him as a man with “cojones”.

    From his end, Ray Farrugia said that he agrees with MFA’s decision because Mourinho needs stability and working in Malta is the right place to be as currently there are a lot of opportunities due to the growth in the Maltese economy.

    Farrugia stated “this is a good opportunity for Malta, myself and Mourinho too. I am positive that we can offer him the proper support. Anger management is our forte, and I have no doubt that we can help him improve his ways. In return, he will make us improve technically. I see this as a good exchange and positive growth.”