Mourinho IS eyeing a national team to coach after all. Malta on the radar?

    Mourinho IS eyeing a national team to coach after all. Malta on the radar?

    Controversial Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho wants a national team job instead of joining a club.

    The unofficial claim for this move is that the coach has had enough of bull***t from players who want to be treated as children rather than professional players who earn millions.

    Back on April’s fool, LoonyNews had issued a story saying that Mourinho will become Malta’s new national coach. We might have not gotten the country right, but alas our forecast was right. https://bit.ly/2RmVJH5

    According to some local football fanatics, a taste of Mourinho with Malta’s national team would do no harm either. A loyal Loony fan wrote ‘your stories are funny and might be fake but they are spot on. We need to level up our local football and it’s a pity we cannot afford such quality’.

    Another Loonynews fan who doesn’t like Mourinho by an inch said ‘Mourinho out of Malta! Not in my name! Bad tempered with no manners haq ghal **** ****. But I wouldn’t mind an Antonio Conte or a Massimiliano Allegri,’ insisted the vivid fan.

    Mourinho would consider Malta for its climate and caliente people just like him. What he’s not satisfied with is the level of Maltese football. He would really want to come to Malta but sources close to him told Loonynews that he feels coming to coach Malta would be a downgrade.

    The ex-Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and Porto coach has been unemployed since December after leaving Old Trafford. He’s been to the jobcentre every week to register but found no suitable employment for the guy.

    The job centre girl told Mourinho several times that they have no good contacts with football teams around the world, but the Portuguese just hoped and hoped.

    At some point, he was given a job with Bein sports as a commentator. According to the same aids, he did like the job, but, he wanted to have the opportunity to touch the ball and use his voice with the boys.

    ‘I love my job and I miss it. But I have done so many of those mistakes. I don’t want to be in a position to be fired again. It’s not nice. I want to be in a job where they like me and I like them. Is it so difficult?’ Mourinho was reported saying to his close aides.

    His name was mentioned with different possible clubs both in Italy and Spain but Mourinho is adamant to work with a national team.

    ‘I want to compete in new competitions. I think about the World Cup and the European Championships. For a long time, I have had the desire to try out such an adventure. Right now, I see myself more at a national team than with a new club’ he told Eleven Sports.

    ‘Is Portugal the right team for me? Not necessarily,’ Concluded Mourinho.

    If he’s thinking of the World Cup, Malta surely is not an option.