NO HOAX. Riise is now a TV Presenter with Bein Sports

    It has been recently announced that Arne Riise resigned as sporting director of the Premier League club Birkirkara FC for personal reasons. Loonynews spotted the sportsman presenting on Bein TV just a few days ago.

    Arne Riise, an ex Liverpool star is the perfect example of what a quick change in career is all about. He is also the perfect example of how to do it. Just in case you are looking for professional advice on a career change, follow his footsteps, or, if possible, give him a call.

    Footballers never fail to amuse, and impress let’s face it; some with their exuberant personal life and others with their unbeatable track records and performance in the pitch. An example of this is ex Liverpool and Norwegian player Arne Riise.

    He was signed as sporting director of Birkirkara FC just at the beginning of January of 2019. Yet, his resignation was unexpectedly announced on the 27th March of this same year, just three months after his engagement.

    The club statement was vague and quoted him leaving for ‘personal reasons’. What these personal reasons could be is an untangled mystery.

    Loonynews can confirm that Riise, from an ex Liverpool player, and ex sporting director is now a TV commentator on the Bein Sports channel. Loonynews caught him red-handed whilst doing his debut and duty. Whatever the personal reasons were, Riise looked pretty smiley and comfortable in his new role on television.

    The now ex everything seems to be following Jose Mourinho’s footsteps. The Portuguese tornado was also seen presenting on the same channel a few weeks after his dismissal from Manchester United.

    Birkirkara FC did not take his departure personal. It even condemned any speculations of him leaving the squad. It must be noted that since Riise’s arrival, Birkirkara FC went through a complete squad overhaul, especially in January during the transfer window. At the time, the club brought in international goalkeeper Andrew Hogg, midfielders Johanna Bezzina from Hibernians FC and Maurizio Vella from Floriana FC, along with striker Jorginho just to mention a few.

    Birkirkara FC did not take his departure personal. It even condemned any speculations of him leaving the squad.

    It must also be remembered that the arrival of the ex-Norwegian brought with it the end for coach Paul Zammit. However, on the same day of the announcement of Riise’s departure, Zammit got the news that his ex former club owed him some €123,000 because of a breach of contract by the club. This happened after Zammit filed a complaint with the Malta Football Association’s complaints board.

    Whatever the reasons for Riise’s departure from the Birkirkara FC squad remain a mystery. Whether it was a smart move to put aside Zammit, is another story considering that they had to cash out €15,000 and €108,000 for the remainder of his contract, at 5% interest per annum until the amount is settled.

    LoonyNews now advises our beloved readers to sit comfortably on their sofa and bet on his next move. What are your guesses? Feel free to send them over to us and we will publish them.

    Whatever he decides, LoonyNews wishes him all the best in his new career at the Qatar based television station, Bein Sports.