Oops I did it again!

    Wayne Rooney was spotted cosying up to a barmaid on a pub crawl earlier on this month infuriating his wife Coleen.

    It seems like trouble again in the Rooney’s household!

    The ex-England star was seen cosy chatting and downing shots with barmaid Vicki Rosiek on a ten-hour booze up on Superbowl night. Yet another blow for his long-suffering wife Coleen.

    The 33 year old footballer, who now plays in the US with DC United, knocked back shots until 2:30am leaving at one point with the barmaid to switch pubs.

    Wayne Rooney is no stranger to similar excursions of booze and female company having been in the news a few times already. And his latest outing Clearwater Beach Florida, comes only 18 months after he was caught driving Laura Simpson’s VW Beetle in Cheshire, three times over the limit.

    Just two months ago he was also arrested for being drunk in public at a US airport with his booking shot plastered all over the media.

    It was reported after the latest incident that the marriage between Wayne and Coleen was “hanging by a thread”. It has been said that his wife Coleen is tired of being humiliated and that she also threatened to fly home with the kids, leaving Wayne on his own in America.

    And who could blame her?

    However, it has since been claimed that the couple had a sit-down and that Wayne explained that he was just having some drinks with his buddies with this lady joining them at some stage. It has also been claimed that Coleen has ‘forgiven’ Wayne for his antics.

    Maybe just in time for Valentine’s Day, peace and love may reign again in the Rooney’s household?

    Loony Rooney where are you wandering off?! J