Relationship Status: It’s COMPLICATED. The 5 most complicated relationships in football this summer

    Relationship Status: It’s COMPLICATED. The 5 most complicated relationships in football this summer

    Relationships are complicated. Take parents and children then float to romantic relationships and a jump to men with their mother-in-law. Let us not even go there. You got it.

     All this looks easy when compared to football relationships between players and their respective clubs.

    Some star footballers have made their clubs slaves of themselves. Others are slaves of their own clubs. It really is complicated. Players who want to leave their club but cannot, others who blackmail their clubs, it is all an entangled cobweb.

    These are LoonyNews’ top five complicated relationships in football this summer which even non-football fans have heard about

    1. Mauro Icardi and Internazionale – It’s complicated

    The Romance between Mauro Icardi and his current club Internazionale is one which turned sour. It is one of those relationships which shows that threesomes don’t work. His wife Wanda Nara has made it impossible for her husband to have a harmonious relationship with his club because of her constant interference and nonchalance attitude on Instagram.

    She arrived at a point of posting nude photos of her and her beloved Icardi, something which the club did not digest very well.

    He’s in the wrong yet he does not want to move from the club. The only place he is ready to move to is Juventus

    1. Paul Pogba and Manchester United – Mediation phase

    This is the I love you but emotions died kind of relationship. First, he got into the relationship, he made Man Utd feel special, problems arose and he wanted to dump it. Not having the balls to face the relationship, Pogba wanted to just run away.

    Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, being a good ‘partner’, wanted to sort things out between the two even if he was humiliated by Pogba in the press.

    The result is yet to be seen.

    • Gareth Bale and Real Madrid – Screw you

    Describing Bale’s relationship with Real Madrid is….complicated. But it’s obvious that this is the case where there was a betrayal and the one who betrayed puts the blame on the other kind of thing.

    In this case, Zinedine Zidane is the one having the affair and wants his present partner out of the scene publicly humiliating him with the result of backfiring. His own job might be at risk.

    • Francesco Totti and Roma – Complete divorce

    The relationship between the two has been strained for some time. In this relationship, Totti was feeling sidelined and not listened to. This made him quit.

    1. Romelu Lukaku and Man United – A fair divorce

    This can be described as an amicable divorce. Solskjaer was honest about his intentions and gave Lukaku options to decide what he wants. He decided to leave. Italian Serie A clubs Internazionale and Juventus both showed interest in him and there was a fought battle between the two. Juventus one.

    These football players are turning into spoilt brats, but some of them are genuine in their actions too and Bale is an example of this.