Ronaldo threatens to leave Juve after Kean scores winning goal

    A distressed Cristiano Ronaldo threatened to leave Juventus after teenage sensation Moise Kean scored the winner to put Juventus one step away from an eight consecutive Serie A title on Saturday as a 2-1 comeback win over AC Milan pushed the champions 21 points on top of the league.

    As Ronaldo put it, there is a place for just one diva in each team, and he believes he should be the diva of his team at all times, even when he is not playing. After the winning game Ronaldo was found crying in a corner of the Juve dressing room biting his toe nails.

    When his playing mates, the like of Bonucci, Paolo Dybala and the star of the night himself Kean entered the dressing room, they saw a distressed Ronaldo at the corner of the dressing room speaking to himself repeating the mantra “I am the best and no one beats me! I am the best and no one beats me!”

    Seeing this surreal scene in front of them, his caring mates went to check on him to see what’s up. They are all fully aware that Ronaldo gives tantrums every now and again, especially when he does not score. So this time, since we was not even in the pitch, they could not gather what happened.

    So they decided to gently approach him to see what went wrong this time around. Screaming his heart out a passionate Ronaldo urged them to bring him a lollipop even if it goes against his strict diet, but lollipops seem to help the striker release stress….by sucking. Upon his request, his worried pal Dybala went straight to the canteen to get him a handful of lollipops. Anything to make the striker calm down and stop the never-ending tantrum.

    After handing one over to him, they reassured him that they had not forgotten about him, and neither did the Juventus fans. Ronaldo is currently recovering from a high injury and with good reason, coach Massimiliano Allegri made him rest so he will be fully recovered for their Champions League quarter-final, the first leg against Ajax on Wednesday.

    In the meantime the teenage star Kean who came on as a substitute scored in the 84th minute of the game, the fifth goal in as many Serie A appearances was confused. On the one hand, he was still jumping up and down because he scored, and on the other, he felt guilty for stealing some light from Ronaldo.

    Here you can see his striking goal and that of Dybala’s earlier on in the game.

    Kean piled up courage and went to speak with Ronaldo assuring him that he will do his best not to score in the near future. He also told him that if he did score, he will not show any happiness, just not to hurt his feelings.

    The youngster knows he has a brilliant career ahead as a striker.

    Once he was assured over and over again that he is the best and that he will remain the sole diva of Juventus, Cristiano was cheered once again and said that he will not leave the club.

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