Take your time POG!

    Ashley Young has taken to Twitter to poke fun at Paul Pogba’s penalty technique after the Frenchman used his now trademark small-step run in taking yet another sport kick in United’s win 2-1 against Brighton.

    Pogba took 28 steps in his effort against Everton back in October, which he actually missed by hitting the upright only to score from the rebound. Another one of Pogba’s team mates, Luke Shaw, had joked back then that he would be able to make a career comeback and sign a new contract in the same time it took Pogba to hit a penalty.

    His “technique” has also been compared to Usain’s Bolt 100 metres with a video showing the Jamaican sprinter completing the 100 meter race in a shorter time than Pogba taking a penalty – incredible! [laughing emoji].

    Check out the video clip below:

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