Thank You Nadia Toffa

    Nadia Toffa passed away.

    The Italian journalist died at just 40 years old losing her battle to cancer.

    Why is LoonyNews writing about this?

    Those who are LoonyNews followers know that our news is related to sports and it is based on humour and satire. We create alternative news for the joy of those who appreciate ‘fake’ news, written intelligently.

    LoonyNews was built on the idea of making people smile for a couple of minutes because we are all fighting our different battles and we wish to alleviate heaviness even if for just some minutes.

    We write mainly about football, footballers and coaches alike from different leagues and different countries. Humour is important in life.

    This article however, is a must. It is a must because someone like Nadia Toffa inspired the initiation of this idea through her work and being who she is.

    Nadia herself stated during her illness that “humour is a must. Smiling is very important no matter what we are going through”. LoonyNews supports this statement and now, more than ever we will support it even more. 

    This video shows who le Iene journalist was.

    Nadia was a professional in her work, yet she was playful, jolly and always transmitted a smile to her audience. Nadia Toffa was not scared to say things as they were using words which were probably looked at as tough, but, they were real. They described reality.

    Many were shocked when Nadia was open and said: “I had cancer”. The truth was she had cancer and she did not fear to be open about it. Many fear a reality. Nadia helped in shaping fear and not being scared to face it.

    Nadia Toffanin

    Nadia was a clean example of what being a journalist is all about. She was not pretentious. She never played herself ‘big’. The beautiful and inspiring thing about Toffa as she is being candidly remembered is that no matter how popular she grew, she always remained ‘small’.

    This is why Italy is crying, Nadia. She set bars which previously did not exist.

    Toffa was a journalist of honour for distinct reasons. She was honest and transparent and this showed through her stories on Le Iene.

    More than that she valued and respected her public. She fought for the values and causes she believed in through her stories and, more often than not she was offended or ridiculed by the people she approached to interview. Yet, the lioness was not scared of any of it all, like she never feared her disease.

    Nadia Toffanin

    Nadia Toffa is an inspiration to any journalist who is true to his/her work, even if it’s not in the same field, even if it’s sports.

    Nadia was an example of passion. Journalism was not her job, it was simply passion put into scripts and features. She did it at its best.

    On the 2nd December 2017 she discovered her cancer and this made her stronger than ever before. Probably by then she already knew that her journey was not going to be long enough in this world and Nadia made it her mission to be of inspiration to many more people.

    Her best asset was her joy and her smile throughout. This was Nadia Toffa. We thank you for this Nadia. You showed that being professional in our industry is not about make-up and being pretty.

    You showed that journalism and fame are not about how big you are. Instead, you showed that no matter how big you are, the key to everything is to remain humble, to listen to the general public and to make them part of it.

    Nadia Toffanin

    Our profession is about delivering and being yourself when doing so.

     For all of the above, we thank you. We thank you as journalists but also as followers.

    Your life was short but precious.

    LoonyNews will continue to strive and support your mission, even if differently. Fly high Nadia!