The Juventus got talent Award goes to…

    Summer kicked in nicely, temperatures soaring sky high reaching new heights and so are footballers.


    Summer kicked in nicely, temperatures soaring sky high reaching new heights and so are footballers.

    Yep. They have a tough life. No sex before games, no alcohol, no partying. You name it, footballers cannot do it. This leaves to intend that footballers lead a strict boring life. Is it so?

    Buzzer on. Wrong answer.

    Players in key clubs get to travel around for their training. Let’s take Juventus. They went to China, Liverpool visited the United States, others went to Australia, and the list goes on.

    On one specific night, Juventus decided to organise a Juventus got talent Award to spice up their evening and their training trip. Some sang, some danced and some just laughed.

    Here’s a sneak peek of their event.

    Their much-loved goalkeeper Gigi Buffon had his fair share in it standing up on a chair with those horrendous white socks on singing “Nel Blu dipinto di Blu…” His pals were supportive one must say and were clapping along.

    Mr Underdog unwanted by all Gonzalo Higuain had his share too. Did you have a look at the clip? Yep, we feel you.

    Poor guy, whatever he does, he sucks. Those moves…and that dance! Ouch what an eyesore! Maybe it’s fair to say that he’s better off playing footy after seeing those dance moves.

    For the sake of fairness, the talent award will go to…..Higuain.

    Surprised? Don’t be. He needs some motivation. In the year he was away from Juventus he was replaced by a giant called Cristiano Ronaldo. Juve are preparing a statue for the guy for mumble bubble’s sake. Did you miss the news? Here it is. https://bit.ly/2KeNUQX

    Higuain was so upset that he was even refusing comfort food. He’s the same guy that’s usually overweight. Such news is unheard of. https://bit.ly/2Yr1cCO

    The event gave a push to Argentine Higuain. He wanted to show that he’s still at it and he proved that he’s ready to swag.

    Moral of the story prize was handed into El Pipita. He got one of those gold medals you get at school when you participate in sports day.

    Now he’s a happy boy and is ready to co-operate during training. He’s also ready to train with Ronaldo and he’s tempted to stay on the bench and let the statue play.