The Lost & Found at Moggi’s Gzira place

    The Lost & Found at Moggi’s Gzira place

    What a year this was! This was a spiced-up football season for most clubs in Europe with unexpected transfers, winnings and losses.

    Some were happy more than others, ending their season positively with a foot in this year’s Champions League. Others, however, were left with a sour taste. Whilst Chelsea’s Manager Maurizio Sarri triumphed at the very last and secured a place in Champions League, his fellow Man United colleague, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

    What to say about the Portuguese, Cristiano Ronaldo, who did not manage to secure a win to Juventus in the Champions League? Not to mention Milan’s manager Gennaro Gattuso.

    Former Juventus administrator has a big heart. Now even the Maltese are aware of it. So, he called on the confused ones to join him at his place in Gzira. Fancy as it may sound, his address stated that he lived at a certain ‘Suite 5’. Others registered on the same address did not have the luck of having it so fancy. It was just listed as ‘Flat 5’. A bit of a downgrade.

    Moggi knows what it’s like to be confused, abandoned and lonely. Being the generous man that he is, he called on those in difficulty and asked them to join him for a short break in Malta.

    The likes of Solskjaer, Ronaldo, Higuain, Icardi and Milan manager Gattuso joined the party organised by Moggi. He explained to them that he was also going through a rough patch since it was discovered that he had voting rights in Malta. The following link explains how it all went.

    All the five stars sat around the same table all looking miserable and lost but they were happy that they were found by Moggi. They all sat together drinking beer, watching the decider between Valletta FC and Hibernians. They couldn’t believe that two Maltese clubs could do better than them.

    They played cards whilst contemplating on their future and what decisions should they make. Ronaldo was the one which cried most out of them all told them that after the Juventus mess, he is considering retiring from football because he’s scared that he lost face with his fans.

    However, Gunnar Solskjaer consoled him. “Ronaldo, you just happened not to get into the Champions League semi-finals after some years. Look at me. All at the club loved me because since my arrival we won game after game. And now? We won’t even make it to the Champions League because my boys decided to go lazy” a disappointed Solskjaer said.

    Icardi didn’t know what to say. He feels the world is against him because of his wife Wanda Nara. He came to this reunion to find a solution of how to unmarry her, just like unmatching someone on Tinder.

    Gattuso and Higuain have a short history together. The latter feels unwanted by the world, excluding the boob fan and Gattuso is planning to go and live in the jungle for a while.

    Thanks to Moggi though, the famous five found each other and themselves at Moggi’s Suite 5. They had the opportunity to peep who went to the Bugibba party and they realised to be better off. They got inspired once again and found motivation.

    What is your guess about their future?