The moment a USA woman footballer shuts Trump down #priceless

    The moment a USA woman footballer shuts Trump down #priceless

    For those of you who’ve got the b*lls to watch the Women Fifa World Cup, you know that you’re seeing some good play and attitude. Maybe you don’t need b*lls to watch because it’s football and you accept seeing women play.

    How many footballers have you seen going against their country President? Can’t recall much of them. Can you?

    Not Megan Rapinoe though. The USA national football player had some sweet exchange with President Donald Trump who used some refined language in her regards. Unlike Trump, Rapinoe can command a stage because of her charisma.

    She is the woman who knocked out the hosts, France, with two goals propelling the US into a semi-final showdown with England in Lyon on Tuesday.

    The US starlet had a busy week and her schedule included a public argument with Trump after she publicly stated that she would shun a visit to the White House if the US retain their title by winning the trophy next weekend.

    The 33-year-old has called trump ‘sexist’, ‘misogynistic’, ‘racist’, ‘small-minded’ and ‘jerk’ but at least ‘entertaining’ too. There was one positive adjective towards him. Trump makes politics eccentric and unpredictable, the like of when he visits Queen Elisabeth and he breaks all protocol possible.

    Then there’s Rapinoe, a woman footballer who does not sing the US national anthem and someone who supported Black Lives Matter campaigner Colin Kaepernick by kneeling when the national anthem played before a club game in the US.

    ‘Being a gay American, I know what it means to look at the flag and not have it protect all your liberties’ Rapinoe was quoted saying.

    In response to her comments gentleman and first hand example of a leader Trump told her ‘Megan should never disrespect our country, the White House or our flag particularly as so much has been done for her and the team. Be proud of the flag that you wear. The USA is doing great.’ Not thanks to him one must add. Do you know how to play footy Mr. President?

    Being openly gay, Rapinoe was asked whether her goals were more significant considering it is Pride month. Her response was direct as always. ‘Go gays,’ she said. ‘You can’t win a championship without gays on your team. It’s never done before, ever. That’s science, right there. I’m motivated by people who, like me, are fighting for the same things. I take more energy from that than trying to prove anyone wrong. That’s draining on yourself. But for me to be gay and fabulous during Pride month at the World Cup is nice.’

    The fact that she’s gay pisses off Mr. Trump because he cannot flirt with the girl. Whatever the results the team might obtain, Trump doesn’t really care, especially if he will not gain anything out of it. He will never admit this in public.

    Rapinoe is another example of strength in sports and in women. She proved the biggest authority in the USA and the world wrong. Even if the President himself tried to put her down, his words gave her more strength giving her team a well-deserved win against France.

    England is their next target and they are fully aware of her strengths. However, she also has their admiration, which to a certain extend is positive.

    A small but important side-line is that the USA football women’s team is much stronger than the men’s. They have dominated the women’s game for the last 20 years and regularly attract larger crowds than the USA’s men’s team.

    This said, they are still considerably paid less than them. Talking of gender equality. Let’s see both England’s and the USA’s attitude for their encounter this Tuesday. Good luck girls and keep the positive trends!