The moment Suarez claims that the GOALKEEPER made a handball…and it’s not a joke

    The moment Suarez claims that the GOALKEEPER made a handball...and it’s not a joke

    Photo credits: AP:Associated Press

    Uruguay strike Luis Suarez is a well-known funny character, especially for his biting habit.

    This time he took his reputation as a fierce competitor to a new level in his side’s win over Chile in the Copa America on Monday.

    The first mind blowing appeal was….for a handball against Chile’s goalkeeper. Another one he did in the same game was asking for their defender Gonzalo Jara to be sent off after he tripped up a pitch invader. Enough said.

    What he drank and ate before the match is unknown, but something is just quite not right with the guy. The 32-year old’s career has been pretty shrouded with controversial moments, but these two latest examples are beyond hilarious considering that they were done during another high-profile match.

    This is how the goalkeeper made a handball according to Suarez. With his side searching for a goal against Copa America holders to earn them top spot in the group, Suarez raced into the box and rounded Chile’s Gabriel Arias but the keeper rose again to punch the striker’s shot away for a corner in the 23rd minute. Quite an unusual move for a keeper. According to Suarez’s new rules he should have shot it away with his head.

    This is the moment where Suarez forgot that Aria’s job is to stop shots with his hands where he appealed for a penalty, gesticulating to the referee by pointing to his own hand. After a few seconds it all dawned on him while consoling himself: “Shit this is the goalkeeper and he can actually touch the ball with his hand!”

    One would think that the farce stops there but not for Suarez. Not sure if the second appeal was more hilarious than the first. Choose your pick. In the second half, the Uruguay striker made another crazy appeal to the referee to ask for Chile’s defender Jara to be carded after the defender tripped up a pitch invader.

    This invader who was wearing a chicken head mask managed to sprint on the field-evading the stewards. Considering that he was invading the pitch, at one point when he got closer to the halfway, he was stopped in his tracks by Jara.

    As soon as he did that, Suarez went chasing after the referee waving his hand in attempt to get him to take action and give him a yellow card. All this was caught in action too.

    After all this drama Suarez didn’t manage to strike. It was his striker partner Edinson Cavani that managed to score the only goal in the game which saw 15-times Copa America champions Uruguay finish top of Group C ahead of Chile to set up a quarter-final tie with Peru.

    The only advantage for Suarez this time is that he didn’t bite anyone, and he was not disqualified.

    What’s next for Suarez?!