This is how Pogba is swinging to Mourinho’s sack

    Let’s face it, Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho were not the best of lovers.

    The big-money signing has not performed at his usual levels at Manchester United in the last couple of seasons. Yet, he performed at top levels with his national team at the World Cup. This brought many to place the blame for Pogba’s poor performances on the man himself – Mourinho.

    Earlier in the season Pogba was stripped out of his vice-captaincy by the manager after some comments he left in the media criticizing Jose’s style of play. And what about that incident which caught the two on camera arguing during training?! It went viral.

    Pogba has been since dropped to the bench in several matches and this did not go down so well with many Man Utd fans.

    The following post appeared on Paul Pogba’s Instagram and Twitter accounts following the breaking news of Mourinho’s departure. The French Midfielder posted and image of himself with a smug look on his face and a description saying: Caption This!

    The post was online for only a few minutes before being taken down.

    However, it did not go unnoticed provoking many to react on social media. Manchester United’s ex defender Gary Neville was one of those who was clearly not happy with Pogba’s post, firing back at the French star:

    Suggestions spread across social media thatthe post was part of an Adidas marketing campaign and was removed due to itsbad timing – who knows? Loony has his thoughts on this one!