This is how you celebrate a goal – Higuain

    Oh  my Lord what a celebration that was! El Pipita Gonazlo Higuain scored his fourth goal with Chelsea FC with a bit of a twist and he could be forgiven for it too.  Do you blame the guy?

    The Argentine probably was in disbelief himself that he had scored. His joy was in fact apparent from the moment he wheeled away to celebrate, making his way to roar his triumph with the home fans.  An attentive eagle-eyed viewer caught the Pepita getting a little bit too cosy with one of the fans upon celebrating.

    Higuain was so overjoyed with his achievement that he got lost wobbling his head in a female’s supporters’ upper body, just to put it politely.


    The female supporter seems to have wanted to motivate the Argentine to score more. His joy in the pitch did not last long however as he was soon subbed after 77 minutes with Oliver Giroud. This decision, however, did not go down well with the former Napoli star and this made him throw a tantrum when at the bench.

    Cameras caught him throw the bib he was given to one side. In another moment whilst still venting his apparent fury, Higuain picked up a water bottle and launched it down on the floor. When the sulky fury moment passed, he slumped forward in his seat to remove his sock tape and shin pads before watching the rest of the game from the bench.

    “Do you blame me for celebrating like that? To me that was motivational,” said in a statement Higauin.

    All forwards and strikers have their way of expressing their joy. Some are lucky to have the looks, others the charm and this makes them gain more momentum with their club’s supporters.

    “I have none of these. I know I’m not good looking, and I’m neither much of a charmer. Apart from that, you all know that I have been bounced off from one club to another. From Napoli to Juventus and then to Milan FC. Now Chelsea”, continued and emotional Higuain.

    “Who doesn’t like boobs? Now I know that if I have boobs around, I will score more. I hope that our Manager Maurizio Sarri took note of this event. This is not just important for me, but also for the club. You give me boobs, I score.

    This is the reason why I sulked when I was subbed. I wanted to score again and again. In that moment I realised what I needed to continue scoring – Boobs. I publicly want to thank that woman for making me realise what I needed to start scoring again,” stated Higuain

    The woman from her end said that she will now insure her body after it was blessed by Higuain. “My boobs are now priceless. They have the magic Argentinean touch! However, who wants to touch them must now pay. This was a PR and marketing strategy I did for myself because I had had enough of people wanting to touch without getting anything in return,” said the woman in a passionate tone.

    As long as they’re happy, we are!