UK players considering changing nationality after Boris Johnson was sworn as new PM

    UK players considering changing nationality after Boris Johnson was sworn as new PM

    Serious concern is running through the Premier League corridors as top UK players are seriously considering changing their nationality after Boris Johnson was elected as UK’s new Prime Minister.

    Different players from different Premier League clubs have reunited to discuss the matter. Attending the meeting where the likes of Harry Maguire, Jamie Vardy, Kyle Walker, Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling, just to mention a few.

    The disbelief of the UK electing the like of U.S. President Donald Trump didn’t go down that well. It is an open secret that footballers are not the most literate of the human race. This drove some of them to believe that Johnson was Trump’s brother from a different mother.

    The group of footballers met at Gareth’s Bale’s house since he’s Welsh and not purely British. This was a move to meet on neutral grounds. While trying to get their facts right, the footballers looked somewhat astonished at the current UK political situation.

    Electing Boris Johnson as new Prime Minister after Theresa May was saying something about the country’s intellectual level. Imagine the situation – footballers discussing the level of intellectuality of their own country.

    While the footballers were discussing their exit strategy about the citizenship, Theresa May plotted her freedom strategy. Her way of doing it was as classy as always. She had been suffering for quite a while and she wanted to get rid of it all.

    This is how May partied to her exit.

    Seeing the current political mess about Brexit, the footballers reunited to see how they can get out of it. Sterling, one of the youngest of the group suggested that they should go playing in countries such as China and the U.S so they can eventually buy off citizenship.

    In his view transferring to China would be ideal because they can teach the Chinese how to play footy while they can learn other skills when there.

    Another suggestion by Kane was that they could go to third world countries and invest in voluntary work.

    “Guys we must do whatever it takes to not remain UK citizens. I can’t believe that we’re driven by a blonde guy who doesn’t even do his hair when he wakes up. We’re not talking about one of us here. We’re talking about the leader of our country.

    “How is it even possible that someone takes us seriously. We must think of an exit strategy now before it is too late.

    Their meeting was interrupted by a call-out by their respective coaches because they needed to train for their friendly games.

    The meeting is set to be resumed in the next weeks when all players are available.

    Johnson came aware of this meeting and he told his close aids to call the footballers to Downing street to set up a meeting with them. Rumours are that he wants to make them participants of the Brexit exit strategy.

    He wants to convince them to remain British.