USA women run the show at the World Cup, something USA men will never do

    USA women run the show at the World Cup, something USA men will never do

    Photo credits: Brookings.edu

    USA won their fourth World Cup after beating the Netherlands 2-0 in Lyon.

    The won came thanks to goals from their number one starlet Megan Rapinoe and Rose Lavelle. Rapinoe hit it at the 61 minute after a penalty shot before Lavelle sealed the victory with an excellent shot from the edge of the box.

    Netherlands goalkeeper did miracles in the first half to keep her team goal free. She made a couple of miracle saves. At one point Van Veendendaal made a crucial double save to keep the USA at bay first to deny a header from Rose Lavelle and then to keep out Morgan’s toe-poke from close range following two pinpoint crosses from Rapinoe on the left-wing.

    Once again Morgan went close to scoring again five minutes before the break, lashing a speed of light strike towards the bottom corner from the edge of the box, but again, Van Veenendaal managed to get hold of it.

    The bottom line of all this is that the USA dominated the European game. Holland gave it all their best but did not succeed in winning. The Dutch played their first World Cup finals in 2015 and as hard as it was they stood up to the USA’s attitude and so much boasted arrogance.

    Irony has it that watching the game was French President Emmanuel Macron who was spotted with French young national player Kylian Mbappe. USA President Donald Trump was nowhere to be seen.

    However, the USA ladies made it a point to send him a clear message. Rapinoe will now more than ever not go to the White House.

    Seven of the eight quarter-finalists hailed from Europe, a sign that European football is finally invested more in the women’s game. Whether this applies to Malta is another question.

    In the last three games of the World Cup, the USA faced France, England and Holland, knocking them down one by one.

    The USA team might be noisy. They are exuberant when they celebrate their goals and they mock their opponents too. Prior to any game, they make it very clear with their opponents that they are the winners prior to the game.  

    Fact remains that the Americans outscored their opponents 26-3.

    They were not even supported by their own President with the name Trump! Their people did not support them because of Rapinoe saying that she would not be going to the White House. Those that lashed them on social media without watching a game missed out on some good football.