What’s your secret Tom?

    He is 41 years old and is now on his way to an amazing NINTH Super Bowl of his career, which will be played in Atlanta against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. But many wonder, “how does he do it? What’s Tom Brady’s secret?”

    Loony thinks that behind the quarterback’s long-lasting success is his beautiful wife and top model Giselle Bunchen ????

    Winner of a record-breaking FIVE Super Bowl titles and holder of many NFL records, the New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady is arguably the best NFL Player of all time hence his nickname, the “GOAT” (Greatest of All Time). The star quarterback’s lengthy and multi-decorated career has over time drawn ‘contrasts’ to a parade of super heroes including Superman, Iron Man and Captain America.

    At 41 years of age, speculation about how long he will keep playing has been going on for a few years already. Fact is that he is the oldest non-kicker in the NFL and is a full decade older than all but six of his Patriots team-mates. He is also 9 years older than their Super Bowl opponents (Los Angeles Rams) Head Coach, Sean McVay and 17 years older than opposing Quarterback, Rams’ Jared Goff!

    Still going strong, many wonder how Brady manages to keep up his top drawer performances at this level and in such a competitive and physical sport.

    Brady puts his excellent physical condition down to his body coach Alex Guerrero who helps him keep healthy, overseeing his diet and conditioning. For most of the year, Brady is a vegan, but during the winter months he adds some lean meat to his strict diet. In addition, Brady isn’t only selective about what he eats. An important part of his diet is the 25 glasses of water he drinks a day to stay hydrated.

    Of course, he has to train a lot to stay in shape and perform at this level and he bases around 90% of his training on high-rep exercises using resistance bands, which is quite unorthodox for an NFL player. He claims it prevents injuries by keeping his muscles strong, active, and easily flexible.

    Staying mentally strong is just as important, and Brady meditates to try and improve through self-awareness. He also does brain games on a laptop or on his iPad, cycling through 29 games that train attention, memory, brain speed, navigation, people skills and intelligence.

    Brady is even staying on top of things while he’s asleep. While he generally goes to bed around 8:30pm and gets up at 5:30am, he also has very specific ‘athlete recovery sleepwear’ which is designed to help the body recover quicker while promoting better sleep.

    Ahhh this apart Loony me thinks, “Lucky Man! May you keep playing and entertaining us for more years to come J Thank you Tom Brady for your service and All the Best of Luck for Sunday’s Super Bowl.”