When a kiss unexpectedly creates Havoc

    In the past days there was hype going around concerning the heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev when he refused to apologise for kissing a female reporter after a post-fight interview.

    The incident viewed above reportedly happened after Pulev’s win over Dinu with a record to 27-1, with his only defeat coming against Wladimir Klitschko back in November 2014.

    The kiss by the heavyweight boxer Pulev to the reporter created a divide on social media with some taking it lightly, and others saying that he should have never acted that way simply because the reporter was a woman. The debate is still ongoing.

    Following this news, one of the Maltese social media queen influencers, Stella Cini had her say on the matter. Cini showed her disappointment for not being the chosen one to be kissed. In comments on her social media accounts Cini said “I know I am not a presenter, but I have other talents. I also know that if I would have gotten that kiss, I would have reached my Instagram target for followers, earlier.”

    To her dismay, the Bulgarian boxer Pulev, kissed the female reporter Jennifer Ravalo from Vegas Sports Daily because they knew each other. Pulev was reported saying “The reporter, Jenny, is actually a friend of mine, and after the interview, I was so elated, I gave her a kiss.”

    To add insult to injury the heavyweight boxer continued by stating that “later that night, she joined me and my friends at my post-fight celebration. There is really nothing more to this.”

    This is an event which Malta’s Cini could only dream of attending. From her end, the social media influencer, who now hit 100,000 followers on Instagram did feel that if Pulev would have kissed her, the news about both would have gone more viral and that would have a hefty increase in followers.

    “Simply put, I might not be a journalist, but I can always give tips about hair and looks. I was ready to give him free tips, if only he could have given me a chance” said an irritated Cini.

    Hearing about the Maltese influencer’s disappointment, Pulev reacted on social media with a heart emoji. Speaking to his close aides, the Bulgarian confessed that he would be more than happy to invite Cini to his next match and after party. He is making his utmost to pass on the message to the influencer.

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