When fans join the fun! Be like Marija – send us your pics or videos

    When fans join the fun

    Photo Credits: https://www.facebook.com/marijapisaniphotography/

    LoonyNews fans are on the rise. Each week our fan base and visitors keep increasing. This is thanks to all football fans out there, of any club you support, whether it’s a local one or not.

    Loonynews wants our followers to be part of us and what we’re heading and this is the reason why we are encouraging our followers to send us their part of the fun, whether at the stadium or whilst watching a game.

    When fans joins the funJust last week we asked our followers to start sending us their material and Marija was one of the people who responded to our request. One of Marija’s hobbies is taking photos and happens to be a Valletta supporter. She also told us that she doesn’t mind attending some events too.

    Marija sent us some photos of Valletta FC celebrations of the ‘funeral’ organised by the Valletta fans a few days ago.  Il-funeral is a tradition which kicked off in 1984 by Valletta and each time they win the league they celebrate with this carnival-like event by organising a proper funeral for the other clubs.

    Does your club have any particular traditions which you want to share with us? Contact us.

    When fans joins the fun

    When fans join the fun

    When fans joins the funOur fans are important to us and we would like you to be part of the Loonynews growing family. Send us your videos of photos and our Loonynews team will make something out of it.

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