Will Pogba celebrate his resigning to Juventus with a new haircut?

    Will Pogba celebrate his resigning to Juventus with a new haircut?

    French midfielder Paul Pogba loves Juventus and Juventus fans love him. Some love stories come to an end, but money buys everything and that includes Paul Pogba.

    It is never easy when a relationship ends. Usually, one of the parties keeps thinking and re-thinking about the decision taken. Was it the right decision? Was it a bad decision? Will life be the same afterwards? Will I find someone better? Should I go back? We all asked these questions at some point in our lives.

    This torment hits even footballers. Take Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Real Madrid, or U.S President Donald Trump visiting the UK. He was greeted with an enormous penis. Respect.

    The same happened to Frenchman Pogba. He left Juventus thinking that he was going to find his ‘America’ in Manchester United. Instead, he’s now finding some angry fans. His relationship with previous Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho wasn’t an exemplary one. They were like two frustrated species locked in a cage. Pogba could not hide his non-liking to Mourinho and expressed it openly on social media.

    Those rare times Man United played against Juventus, Pogba’s heart pounded. His heartbeat again. Fans cheered him. He felt the love. All this kept roaming in his head. “Should I go back to Juventus, even if having Maurizio Sarri as a coach? But thinking about it, there is also Ronaldo. It would be a good opportunity to play with such a star. I just to make sure that he doesn’t steal my limelight,” thought to himself Pogba.

    One day all this started turning into a reality. Pogba started seeing the light. Most persistent rumours were that Pogba would sign with Real Madrid. But no. Now rumours are changing. Pogba will be re-signing with Juventus. It’s not just a dream.

    Pogba is simply enthusiastic about this idea and as a thank you to Juventus to take him back, he is planning his new look. The French are known for his flamboyant look and hairstyles. He’s one that sets trends. Pogba was quoted telling his friends that “If I go back to Juventus, I will colour my hair with their colours. I will do the Juve stripes, just like a zebra. Zebras are cute anyway and people will love it.”

    Pogba’s performance at Man United improved after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer replaced Mourinho as manager but towards the end of the campaign, the midfielder’s performance went from worse to worse.

    Real Madrid have been teasing Pogba. Real is a big name, but this time Pogba wants to make the best choice for himself and follow his heart. It is reported that United are demanding more than £89 million. The Serie A champions are considering including some of their players as part of the deal to get Pogba back.  Part of the deal would include Paulo Dybala and Joao Cancelo as part of the Man United package.

    A matter of saying that love is blind!

    Will this move happen? Does Juventus really want Pogba back? After all, will Pogba celebrate with a new hairstyle?