Will Ronaldo strike against Ajax after all?

    Rumour has it that striker Cristiano Ronaldo wants to make a grand entrance this Wednesday’s Champion’s League quarter-final, first leg game against Ajax. It seems that Ronaldo will be making a complete hairdo for this important event to make him stand out more.

    After seeing his young pal Moise Kean score last weekend, the striker is fully charged to let no one steal his show. For that reason, after this weekend’s game, first thing Ronaldo did was to call his hairstylist. He was heard telling him “make sure to make me stand out with my hairstyle on Wednesday. At least if I don’t score, people will notice I have changed my look.”

    He was heard telling him “make sure to make me stand out with my hairstyle on Wednseday. At least if I don’t score, people will notice I have changed my look.”

    Earlier this week, Ronaldo was caught in the Juventus dressing room giving tantrums because he was not the centre of attraction in the winning game against AC Milan. Kean was the man of the match and he was on everybody’s tongue after making the win for Juve a remarkable one.


    This is how the rising star Kean grooved on the pitch last Saturday during Serie A game against AC Milan.

    This wonderkid makes football look easy. Let’s not talk about the grin on his face after he scored. But let’s not get much into the details of this as LoonyNews would not wish to upset Ronaldo once again. The guy is sensitive and it is a delicate time before Wednesday’s match

    Yet, the famous Portuguese striker is adamant to work on a comeback after not playing for nearly three weeks and wants to show that he means business, even if this means a change in hairstyle.

    It must be noted that Ajax are fairing well in their Dutch Eredivisie league as they seem to be more likely playing water polo rather than footy with their outstanding results. In their last game against Willem II they scored 4-1. Juventus are fully aware of this so they want their top striker to be in shape and concentrated. Sources close to the football club said that players are doing their utmost to keep him happy prior to the match.

    Knowing how important this match is for the Juventus club and fans, Ronaldo wrote himself in some yoga classes to make sure that he is not distracted by any negative thoughts or information. He is being accompanied to these classes by his mum as she is the one to have full control on him and manages to keep him calm.

    Question remains – Will Ronaldo be the man of the show? Will he manage to score? Or will Kean be back in play stealing the light once again? That would be fun to watch.

    Do you think that Ronaldo will truly change his hairstyle for this match?

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