You got it all wrong bruv!

    Last Tuesday, Liverpool drew 0-0 against Bayern Munich in the first leg of the Champions League’s Round of 16 at Anfield.

    After the match, talkSPORT host Andy Goldstein called Steve the Red for his reaction. He was really pleased with the result, and you know why? Because of this:

    “You have to remember, Andy, that away goals count double. So if we score, Bayern have to score two to win. If we score two, they have to score four. If we score three, they have to score six.”

    WHAT? NO!

    No wonder the host couldn’t stop laughing!

    Steve the Red, any draw will satisfy Liverpool, unless it’s a 0-0 and it will go down the wire. As for Bayern, if Liverpool scores an X amount of goals, Bayern needs to score X+1 to advance.

    Hope Steve would have understood the away-goal rule by the 13th of March…????????????